War Crimes In Syria

Now I wonder why some people want to start an unrest.

Look at what is happening in Syria now.

Lots of innocent people were injured and killed.

The Syrians are fighting other Syrians and they are killing their own people.

Why can’t they find a peaceful way to solve their problems?

Now look at what is happening in Malaysia now.

Demonstrations can lead to riots, riots can turn to a war. 

What will happen if Malaysians keep on fighting with each other?

Is this what we really want?

It is very silly to fight only because of political differences.

When this happen, it is the people and the kids who really suffer, not leaders.

May Allah protect all of us from the disaster.

Injured Syrian women arrive at a field hospital after an air strike hit their homes in the town of Azaz on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria, Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012. (AP Photo/ Khalil Hamra)
A Free Syrian Army fighter drags a dead man shot in Salaheddine neighborhood in Aleppo out of the line of sniper fire August 13, 2012. Free Syrian Army fighters said the man was shot dead by Syrian Army snipers. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic
A Free Syrian Army fighter reacts after hearing news that his commander had been killed by tank shell in Aleppo August 14, 2012. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic
A man searches among houses that were destroyed during a recent Syrian Air Force air strike in Azaz, some 47 km (29 miles) north of Aleppo, August 15, 2012. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic
Syrian soldiers investigate the scene after a bomb attached to a fuel truck exploded outside a Damascus hotel where U.N. observers are staying in Damascus, Syria, Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012. Several people were wounded, Syria’s state TV reported. TV said the explosion took place near a parking lot used by the army command, which is about 300 meters (yards) away. (AP Photo/Muzaffar Salman)
A man reacts in front of houses destroyed during a recent Syrian Air Force air strike in Azaz, some 47 km (29 miles) north of Aleppo, August 15, 2012. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Pirates release Malaysian tugboat after seven months

    (CNN) — Somali pirates have released a Malaysian tugboat and 11 crew members after holding them for more than seven months, an international business group reported Monday.

    The tug taken by pirates on December 16 has been released and is en route to a “safe location,” according to ICC Commercial Crime Services — the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce.

    The ICC said it will not release additional information until the boat and crew have reached their destination and are out of harm’s way.

    It was unclear whether a ransom had been paid and it was not immediately known when the ship was released.

    The waters off Somalia are rife with pirate activity, despite increased measures by military forces and shipping companies to ward off attacks.

    Heavily armed pirates have struck the busy Indian Ocean shipping lanes and the Gulf of Aden, which connects the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.

    They have captured dozens of vessels and hundreds of hostages, making off with millions of dollars in ransom money.

    Pirates attack people in the seas and oceans.

    I think there are too much crime in the world now.

    If I can go to the United Nations, I’ll tell all the people to stop the crimes and wars and ‘make the world a better place’ like what Michael Jackson sang in his song,’Heal The World’.

    Crime and war are disaster.

    Somalia Pirate Ship
    Somalia Pirate Ship