Wan Azizah Sedang Bermimpi?

PKR candidate for Kajang by-election, Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah made the above speech in front of her supporters during her campaign in Kajang.

It is very frustrating when an educated person like her made such a bad speech and the worst is, she made up the stories to blame the government of Malaysia.

Opposition leaders try to link Scorpène submarine to everything without thinking whether their facts are right because their supporters do not seems to care about facts and just accept whatever their leaders told them.

What about her integrity and credibility?

It is sad when people do not care about integrity and credibility anymore.

Is this the good governance that Anwar Ibrahim is talking about?

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Is Malaysia The New World Power?

On Sunday morning, January 19, 2014 the opposition leader, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was denied entry into Japan at the Narita Airport in Tokyo.

He wrote in his Facebook that he was told to board the first flight back home or face deportation.


And as usual, he blamed the Malaysian government as he wrote in the last paragraph:

“In this regard, I demand an explanation from the Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in particular, as to what role Wisma Putra has played in this scandalous episode in respect of the so-called “latest report” that has purportedly led to my being forcibly evicted from Japan.”

Without thinking, other opposition leaders started to not only blamed the Malaysian government but also humiliated the Japanese government.

PKR Youth members staged a protest led by Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin outside the Japanese embassy and handed a memorandum of protest to the Japanese Ambassador Shigeru Nakamura, calling for an explanation on the incident.

The Star reported that PKR’s Youth chief said:

“We strongly believe that the Japan Government’s actions were extraordinary, unwarranted and violates Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” said the Bukit Katil MP. “I fully agree that his was politically motivated. We would like to known who is updating them on the case against Anwar, because he was allowed to enter the country before without issues.” – The Star.

(Photo credit to gerakan-anti-pkr.blogspot.com)
Please click the photo for larger image. (Photo credit to gerakan-anti-pkr.blogspot.com)
(Photo credit to gerakan-anti-pkr.blogspot.com)
(Photo credit to gerakan-anti-pkr.blogspot.com)
(Photo credit to gerakan-anti-pkr.blogspot.com)
(Photo credit to gerakan-anti-pkr.blogspot.com)

DAP leader, Nga Kor Ming wrote:

Nga tweet

Nga fb
This statement is a humiliation to the Japanese government. What about the integrity and the credibility of the leader?

In his Facebook, Nga wrote: “The Japanese government bowed down to UMNO until Anwar Ibrahim was denied entry. Congratulations! Najib is getting more powerful.

Is Nga saying that UMNO has the power to order Japan government to do something?

On January 21, 2014 the Star wrote an article titled, “Official: Anwar failed to satisfy conditions”.

Under Japanese laws, a person who had been imprisoned for more than a year can be denied entry into the country, as stipulated under Article 5 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.

Japan's new Prime Minister?
Now I’m wondering is this Japan’s new Prime Minister?

In my posts Now Trending: #Kangkung and PKNS Issue: An Example Of Good Governance?,  I asked about the integrity and the credibility of the opposition leaders.

Maybe integrity and the credibility means nothing to them and their loyal supporters.