Photos: 30 Years Of The Apple Mac

In 1984, on January 24th, Apple released the first Macintosh home computer.

It was a revelation – mainly for its incorporation of a graphical display when its rivals could only display text.

The following year, founder Steve Jobs left the company.

Apple continued to make progress with innovative machines, but only after his return in 1996, that Apple’s computers began to achieve the popularity and recognition with new, design-led strategy – Yahoo News.

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Using Google+ Creative Kit

I love to use Google+ Creative Kit.

But it is not as fun as Picnik.

I can use Google+ Creative Kit to edit pictures of cats or other furred animals.

It will be like this:


I also edited pictures of buildings as shown below:

See the difference ❓

I can also edit photos:


…And edited.

There are lots more that  can be done using Google+ Creative Kit, like in the picture below:

And after 🙂

We can be even more creative by using Picnik.

But now since Picnik is closed, the only e-photo editor that I know is, Google+ Creative Kit.

Picasa 3 Google

I love Picasa 3 Google.

But it is not as fun as Picnik.

I use Picasa 3 for editing pictures, to crop pictures, make puzzles and lots more.

Here is an example:

‘Cute Princess The Man’ in the window. There is no window frame in the real picture of Cute Princess The Man.

Picnik Will Be Closing Soon!


Picnik will be closing on 14th April, 2012 and now premium

is free FOR ALL!

The Special Thumbdrive

Written And Illustrated By: Ahmad Ali


Please click here for chapter 2 :

One sunny day, Mr. Lee called Haily and said, “Hello, I’ve just bought a pair of shoes and put them beside the fridge.” At that time it was snowing, so the signal was weak. Mr. Lee’s voice was not very clear as there were lots of cracking sounds. Haily answered, “What? You put a pair of shoes in the fridge?”


Haily was surprised because he heard that Mr. Lee put his new shoes in the fridge; actually Mr. Lee said he put his new shoes beside the fridge....


The next day, Haily met Marana’s friend, Mervar and Malarma from Calovinia. Haily bought a new thumbdrive from Malarma. But when he used the thumbdrive, the laptop changed its shape into a thumbdrive shape!

Haily's new thumbdrive.

He called all of his friends for help. When Haily put the thumbdrive in Marana’s computer, Marana’s computer became invisible! Marana could not see her computer. And when Marana wanted to charge her computer, the computer was not charging because the cable was not plugged to her computer.

Then Haily put the thumbdrive in Mr. Lee’s computer. The computer started to move on its own and started to talk! And when Haily put the thumbdrive in Mervar’s laptop, the laptop flew up. Mervar had to jump very high up to catch it.

Haily took the thumbdrive back to Malarma’s shop. Haily told Malarma, “The thumbdrive did funny things to laptops and computers. It must be haunted.” Malarma said that there was nothing wrong with the thumbdrive. “It can do strange things because it is a very special thumbdrive. You should read the manual first before using it. You can activate your thumbdrive to do all kinds of things to your laptop or computer. And if you want to use it as a normal thumbdrive, you just need to off the button. Then your laptops and computers will be normal again.”

Haily went home and deactivate the special function and all the laptops and computers turned normal again. They were very happy and they lived happily ever after.

The End 😉

The Unlimited Task Bar

Written And Illustrated By: Ahmad Ali


Please click here for Chapter 1

One sunny day, Haily was using the computer that he got from the treasure chest. Then he saw Mr. Lee using his laptop. When Mr.Lee clicked the user name, ‘me lee’ he got a pop up on his task bar saying, “Do you want to make a new task bar?” Then Mr. Lee clicked, “Yes.”

And he got two task bars. On the second task bar, there was a button saying, “If you want more task bar, click here.” So Mr. Lee clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked until thousands times. Then Mr. Lee asked Haily, “Is the task bar unlimited?” Haily answered, “Maybe?”

The next day, Haily clicked the task bar and the computer was suddenly switched off. Haily rushed to Mr. Lee and told Mr. Lee that the computer was switched off by itself. Haily said that it must be a ghost that switched off the computer. 

Haily accidently switched off his computer.

Mr. Lee took a plate of cookies to the computer. Mr. Lee said,”I love these cookies.” Haily said, “I’m not talking about cookies; I’m talking about the computer, it switched off by itself.”

A plate of Mr. Lee's chocolate chip cookies.

Mr. Lee asked, “Did you click on anything before the computer got switched off?” Haily answered, “Yes.” Mr. Lee asked, “What did you click on?” Haily said, “I clicked on a button that have a circle and a line in it.” Mr. Lee answered, “Do you know what is the button for?” Haily said, “I don’t know…” Mr. Lee said, “That is the power button.”

Then Haily followed Mr. Lee to visit his friend, Marana. When they arrived, Haily told Marana that his computer had switched off by itself. Marana said, “Maybe you accidentally clicked the power button.” Haily said, “No, I only clicked on a button that have a circle and a line in it and the computer suddenly switched off by itself.” Mr. Lee said, “Haily did not accidentally clicked the power button. Actually he didn’t even know that the button was the power button!”

Marana Lisma (Marana)

To be continued

How Will The April Fools’ Computer Worm Affect You?

Computer worm is like a computer virus.

A computer worm is not a living thing like earth worm, fruit worm and other worms that lives around us.

The name of this computer worm is Conficker.c.

I read about the computer worm from the CNN news on the internet.

It is supposed to hit computers on April 1.

People may lose their files and programs in their computer.

The bad people who programed the  Conficker.c can know other people’s passwords and can delete our files, folders, games and other things in our computers.

I think that  this computer worm can start a computer virus.

Computer worm can hit you on April 1st
Computer worm can hit your computers on April 1st

(CNN) — Remember the dire predictions surrounding the “millennium bug?” The doom-and-gloom scenarios bandied about by security analysts on how computers could act when their clocks turned to January 1, 2000?

Well, researchers are hoping that a potential April Fools’ time bomb — the Conficker.c that is supposed to hit computers on April 1 — turns out to be equally unfounded.

But realizing that hope alone is not a prudent option, here is a primer on the worm so you can adequately prepare yourself — and your computer.

What is Conficker.c and what do analysts fear it may do?

Conficker.c is a worm, a malicious program thought to have already infected between 5 million and 10 million computers.

Those infections haven’t spawned many symptoms, but on April 1 a master computer is scheduled to gain control of these zombie machines, said Don DeBolt, director of threat research for CA, a New York-based IT and software company.

A Visit To The Police Station

I went back to Kuala Terengganu on 31 / 1/ 09 because my grandmother was not well.

On the 2/2/09 a robber tried to rob my grandmother’s house.

I went to the Kuala Terengganu Police Station with my parents and Kafah.

I saw lockups, bombard cannons, computers, flags and more flags.

A lockup is a small jail.

The police keep bad people in the lockup.

A policeman told me that the bombard cannons are real bombard cannons.

People use bombard cannon to attack their enemy like in The Conquerors (Age of Empires).


But now people put rubbish in the bombard cannon, so it will be called the rubbish cannon.

I think if you fire the bombard cannon, rubbish will come out so it will become a rubbish bom.

I am very happy because my grandmother is better now.


I love FedEx🙂

FedEx means Federal Express 🙂


FedEx send mails all over the world 🙂

I first went to a FedEx Kinko’s in Palo Alto, California and next to FedEx office in Kota Damansara 🙂


There are a lot of FedEx lorries in the USA.

I saw them when we travel in America.

I also saw FedEx aeroplanes at the airports in America.

I have not seen FedEx aeroplane in Malaysia.

Yesterday a FedEx van came to my house.

My father got a mail from Irvine, California.

The FedEx man gave me an envelope.

Then he asked me my name.

Next he keyed in my name in the computer.


I checked the internet and and I found my name in FedEx website.

I”m very happy 🙂 to see my name in FedEx website 🙂

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