My Sister’s Tomato Plants – Photos

A close up photo of one of the nice, red, ripe tomatoes ready to be plucked.
A close up photo of one of the nice, red, ripe tomatoes ready to be plucked.

My sister has some tomato plants which grew from her compost.

She replanted them and they grew into beautiful plants, but my sister was not sure if they will bear fruit since tomato does not fruit easily over here.

My mother was very excited when they started to fruit and we waited excitedly to taste them.

They are ordinary tomatoes, but they taste so sweet, even sweeter than the cherry tomatoes that we have been buying here.

The tomatoes are very flavourful too.

There are so many fruits growing on the tomato plants now and here are some of the photos.

I snapped these photos using my Nokia Lumia 1020 phone.

Please click the photos for larger images:

Fifi and The Flower Tots

Fifi And The Flower Tots

I like to watch Fifi and The Flower Tots.

Fifi has an organic garden.

Fifi does not use chemicals in her garden.

Bumble is Fifi’s best friend.

Bumble likes to make sweet honey.

Fifi’s other friends are Violet, Primrose, Pip, Aunt Tulip, Grubby, Stingo, Slugsy and Webby.

Fifi has a car named Mo.

Mo uses compost as fuel.

Fifi makes compost from old leaves and fruits peel.

So it is good for the environment.

We also have an organic garden and my father makes compost like Fifi.

Compost helps the plants to grow.

I think the oil for the cars makes our Earth dirty and not healthy.

Organic food are healthy food.

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