Things I saw on the way to Terengganu

On the way to Terengganu I saw a lot of things.

My big sister Kaman took a lot of pictures.

I saw an old house. It is beautiful.

  • An house house near Chukai, Kemaman

    An house house near Chukai, Kemaman

    I saw huge oil tanks in Kerteh. They keep oil in the oil tanks.

I saw fire at the Petronas Complex in Kerteh.Fire burning at Petronas Complex

I saw a big Petronas sign board.

Petronas sign board

I saw Malaysian flags and Terengganu flags too.

I saw triangle trees.

I saw rivers. They are long.

I saw coconut trees. Some are big and some are small.

I saw a big young coconut by the road.

My big sister Kaman also took a picture of my big sister Kafah.

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