How To Make Cheese Puff-Photos

Cheese Puff

On Monday, I made cheese puffs.

They are so delicious   :mrgreen:   😉

They are healthy food too because we do not use margarine.

To make cheese puff, first we need to make the cheese puff skin.

We need:

  • flour


  • egg


  • butter

  • salt

  • cold water

Mix the ingredients into a dough.

Roll the dough and cut the dough into tiny round shapes   :opps:

Roll the dough

Put the cheese in the middle of the circle.

Cheese ❗

Cling the edge.

Cling the edge

Fry them in hot oil until cooked.

We can make curry puff, sardine puff and peanut butter puff using the same dough.

  • to make curry puff, use curry puff filling instead of cheese.

  • to make sardine puff, use sardine puff filling instead of cheese.

  • to make peanut butter puff, use peanut butter puff filling instead of cheese.

    Peanut butter

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