A Garden Of Blue Chrysanthemum?

Blue chrysanthemums in my garden.
More blue chrysanthemums.
Lots of blue chrysanthemums in front of my house.
A photo of me and the blue flowers.
There are some white flowers among the blue chrysanthemums.
Beutiful blue flowers in the garden

These beautiful flowers were given to us by Aunty Mah and Uncle Zih after Kak Tasneem’s wedding reception in Putrajaya.

The chrysanthemums were originally white and not blue in colour!

I guess people might have dipped them in blue coloured water because:

  1. After we put the blue chrysanthemums in a vase, the water turned blue.

  2. After a few days, the chrysanthemums’ petals turned whiter and whiter because the blue colouring flows into the water.

I think we can also turn other flowers from white to blue.

And I wonder, are there any real blue chrysanthemums?

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