How To Make Cheese Puff-Photos

Cheese Puff

On Monday, I made cheese puffs.

They are so delicious   :mrgreen:   😉

They are healthy food too because we do not use margarine.

To make cheese puff, first we need to make the cheese puff skin.

We need:

  • flour


  • egg


  • butter

  • salt

  • cold water

Mix the ingredients into a dough.

Roll the dough and cut the dough into tiny round shapes   :opps:

Roll the dough

Put the cheese in the middle of the circle.

Cheese ❗

Cling the edge.

Cling the edge

Fry them in hot oil until cooked.

We can make curry puff, sardine puff and peanut butter puff using the same dough.

  • to make curry puff, use curry puff filling instead of cheese.

  • to make sardine puff, use sardine puff filling instead of cheese.

  • to make peanut butter puff, use peanut butter puff filling instead of cheese.

    Peanut butter


Bacteria are tiny one-cell micro-organisms.

They can reproduce inside or outside their hosts.

Their hosts are people, animals and plants.

Like other germs, bacteria don’t make their own food.

There bad bacteria and good bacteria.

Bad bacteria can cause eye infection, cholera, tuberculosis (TB) and others.

A bacteria named Salmonella can caused something like a very bad food poisoning.


They are sometimes found in eggs and peanut butter.

There are very dangerous bacteria named super bugs.

A type of super bug

Super-bugs are very difficult to be killed.

Super-bugs are usually found in hospital.

My grandfather was infected by super bugs when he was sick in UKMSC a few years ago.

The doctors said that I cannot visit him at that time because super bugs are even more dangerous to kids.

Good bacteria in our tummy keep us healthy by helping us to use nutrients from the food we eat.

We use good bacteria for making cheese and yoghurt.

A type of bacteria used to make cheese

Cheese and yoghurt are healthy food.

We also use good bacteria to make medicines and vaccines (vak-seens).

Medicines and vaccines help us to fight germs so that we can be healthy.

Uncle Azahar taught me that some bacteria can be bad bacteria if they are moved from their original site.

Kraft Takeover Cadbury

Kraft bought Cadbury.

Kraft is an American food company and Cadbury is a British food company.

Kraft Logo

Kraft makes cheese, cookies and lots more.

Cadbury makes chocolate, chocolate drinks and other yummy things like ‘Cadbury Bytes’.

So now Cadbury belongs to Kraft.

Maybe Kraft will make chocolate with cheese fillings.

Maybe they’ll use Cadbury chocolate to make Oreo cookies and name it ‘Oreo With Cadbury’.

Maybe they’ll put cheese inside the Cadbury Bytes and call it ‘Bytes With Cheese’.

I think there is going to be a lot more of take overs of companies.


Pink Panther DUNKIN'DONUTS Box
Pink Panther DUNKIN'DONUTS Box

Today I went to DUNKIN’DONUTS.

There are many kinds of donuts at DUNKIN’DONUTS.


We bought :

  1. Happy

  2. Bendera

  3. Double chocolate

  4. White chocolate

  5. Raspberry

  6. Blueberry

  7. Swiss chocolate

I like Happy the most because it is so sweet and cute 🙂

Happy Donut and Sticker
Happy Donut and Sticker

The Bendera is nice too.

I Am Eating A Bendera Donut
I Am Eating A Bendera Donut

And I like the sandwiches too.

It has chicken, cheese, cucumber, lettuce and tomato.

I am very happy because I also get some nice stickers from DUNKIN’ DONUTS.

Tasty DUNKIN'DONUTS AND Nice Stickers
Tasty DUNKIN'DONUTS AND Nice Stickers

Anyway DUNKIN’ DONUTS is not very healthy because the donuts have a bit of trans-fat.

Fried In Less Than 2% Trans-Fat Oil
Fried In Less Than 2% Trans-Fat Oil


They are yummy 🙂


My Grandmother's Gold Fish
My grandmother's goldfish

Goldfish is a fish. My grandmother has goldfish. I like to eat goldfish but I don’t eat my grandmother’s goldfish. I only eat my goldfish cracker. A cracker is like a cookie.

Goldfish cracker is very tasty. When I eat goldfish cracker, I say mmmmmmmmmmm… My goldfish cracker is a healthy food because it has real cheese. My mother says my goldfish crackers don’t have trans-fat. My mother teaches me that trans-fat is bad because it can make us sick. It is good because I can read so I can read the box before eating.

It says here that it has no trans-fat.
It says here that it has no trans-fat.

Goldfish has four characters. The characters are Finn, Brooke, Gilbert and Xtreme. They have a website.  The website is Click here to visit the website.

This is Finn
This is Finn

I bookmarked the website so I don’t have to type again. I go to the website because I want to play goldfish arcade.

This is me showing my goldfish cracker
This is me showing my goldfish cracker
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