‘Spisedecial’ – A New English Word?

On 15th February 2012 we went to Carrefour, Wangsa Maju and my father saw a truck with a word ‘Spisedecial’ on it infront of us.

Have you ever seen this word?

I thought it was a made up word.

Then when my father drove beside the truck this was what we saw 🙂

The word spisesedial is actually specialised :mrgreen:

I think that was a spelling disaster 😉

A Two Crowned Pineapple

Pinapple with two crowns

Last week my mother bought a pineapple with two crowns from Carrefour.

The pineapple was very sweet and juicy.

It was really yummy!

It is the sweetest pineapple that I had ever eaten.

The flesh was yellow and the skin was orange in colour.

Yummy pineapple

The crowns are green.

There are a lot of pineapples in Malaysia.

Some pineapples are sweet but some are sour.

We can eat fresh pineapple, make pineapple juice, cook them, make pineapple ice cream, vitamins and so on.

The sweet pineapple is one of my favourite fruits.

I think pineapples with two crowns will be very sweet.

My New Jogging Shoes

On Thursday my father bought me a new pair of shoes :mrgreen:

We bought the shoes at Carrefour, Wangsa Maju.

My new shoes are very beautiful 😎

The colours of the shoes are white, blue and a little bit of yellow 😉

The shoes feel very soft and very comfortable 😀

My old shoes are already too small for me 😕

I felt uncomfortable when I jog in them because my toes hurts 😐

Anyway I love the old shoes.

They are very cute.

I am sad because I can’t wear them again.

Last Thursday when we jogged, I wore them on the wrong side.

I think I felt more comfortable when I wore them that way 🙂

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