In Photos: Severe Storms Hit Midwest, Deep South Killed 3

Tornadoes and very strong winds peel the roofs from homes in the Deep South and heaped snow and ice on the Midwest.

Golf-ball and baseball-sized hail pelted parts of Georgia and the Carolinas late Thursday and early Friday.

Three people were killed.

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Photos: Nor’easter Storm Brought High Wind And Snow

The nor’easter storm brought snow, rain and dangerous winds to the U.S. Northeast causing more than 60,000 customers from the Carolinas to New York to lose power.

At the same time, more than 640,000 customers are still without power after Hurricane Sandy hit their areas.

In fact the nor’easter storm could cause people who had regained power to lose power again.

Since the nor’easter storm causes freezing temperatures, the situation could be dangerous for people without power.

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