Butterflies, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Butterflies, butterflies,
Flying up high,
Butterflies, butterflies,
Take me to the sky.

Butterflies, butterflies,
Oh, so colourful,
Butterflies, butterflies,
Makes me feel cheerful.

Butterflies, butterflies,
Having lots of fun,
Butterflies, butterflies,
I wish I can be one.

The Beautiful Blue Butterfly

The beautiful blue butterfly.

A few weeks ago, when my father reached home, a blue, white and black butterfly came and landed on the stairs.

It was so beautiful.

The butterfly was not scared of me at all.

We could even touch the beautiful butterfly.

The butterfly stayed still when my father took it’s pictures and when my father stop taking pictures, the butterfly flew away.

I call the butterfly, Portedfolio Jortjolio.

Isn’t it beautiful?
This butterfly loved to pose for pictures.
I wish that it will visit me again.


My drawing of a butterfly and a pupa

Butterfly is an insect.

An insect is an animal.

But I don’t like any insect but I only like butterfly.

Butterfly has 6 legs; butterfly has 2 wings and 2 antennas.

A baby butterfly is a caterpillar.

Then it changes to a pupa.

And then it changes to be a butterfly.

Butterfly eats fruit.

I like butterfly and I like fruits too.

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