10 Cars To Watch In The Next 24 Months

I love cars and their logos, please click below for: 

Cars – Logo/Country Of Origin/Founded Date – Part 1

Cars – Logo/Country Of Origin/Founded Date – Part 2

Here are some photos of beautiful cars that will be in the market soon.

Name: Ford F-150 
Will be released on 2014. Ford can’t afford to let the F-series franchise grow stale.

Ford F-150
Ford F-150

Name: Acura NSX 
Will be released on 2015. Acura needs a performance halo car–even more so now than when the original NSX debuted back in 1990.

Acura NSX
Acura NSX

Name: BMW M3/M4
Will be released on 2014 (coupe, sedan), early 2015 (convertible). The M3 is an icon for BMW, which makes the name change for the two-doors tricky business.


Name: Porsche 918 Spyder
Will be released late 2013. The dream of a latter-day Carrera GT was too strong to deny. Why 918? 918 isn’t just the model designation, it’s also the production start date (9/18/2013) and the build quantity: 918 units.

Porsche 918 Spyder
Porsche 918 Spyder

Name: Buick Riviera
Will be released late 2015. Buick needs a flagship to solidify its premium-brand credentials, and the name Riviera still has cachet.

Buick Riviera
Buick Riviera

Name: Bentley Falcon
Will be released on 2015. Because no luxury brand can resist the siren’s call of the SUV.

Bentley Falcon
Bentley Falcon

Name: Ford Mustang
Will be released early 2014. Fifty years after the Mustang’s blockbuster debut, expect Ford to set off some fireworks around the 2015 model.

Ford Mastang
Ford Mustang

Name: Jaguar F-type coupe
Will be released on 2014. Jaguar’s new sports car would miss half the market without a hardtop, which should be an even more focused driver’s car.

Jaguar F-type coupe
Jaguar F-type coupe

Name: Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG
Will be released late 2014. Like so many others, Mercedes-Benz wants a Porsche 911 competitor, and neither the SL nor the SLS hits that target.

Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG
Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG

Name: Maserati Ghibli
Will be released late 2013. Why: Maserati needs a sedan in this volume segment if it’s ever to become more than a bit player among luxury brands.

Maserati Ghibli
Maserati Ghibli

Cars – Logo/Country Of Origin/Founded Date – Part 1

I love cars and their logos.

Here are some of the logos and brand name of the cars.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Logo (Italian car). Founded on June 24, 1910 in Italy.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Logo (British car).  Founded in 1913 in Great Britain.



Audi Logo (German car). Founded on July 15, 1909 in Germany.


Bentley Logo (British car). Founded on January 18, 1919 in Great Britain.



Buggati Logo (German car). Founded on 1909 in France.


Chevrolet Logo (American car). Founded on November 8, 1911 in USA.


Citroen Logo (French car). Founded in 1919 in France.


Daihatsu Logo (Japanese car). Founded on March 1, 1907 in Japan.


Dodge Logo (American car). Founded in 1914 in USA.


Ferrari Logo (Italian car). Founded in 1947 in Italy.


Ford Logo (American car). Founded on June 16, 1903 in USA.


Honda Logo (Japanese car). Founded on September 24, 1948 in Japan.


Hummer Logo (American car). Founded in 1992 in USA. Defunct in 2010.


Hyundai Logo (South Korean car). Founded in 1967 in South Korea.


Jaguar Logo (British car). Founded on September 4, 1922 in Great Britain.

Please click here for  Cars – Logo/Country Of Origin/Founded Date – Part 2

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