‘I Want To Touch A Dog’ – Apa Kata JAKIM?

21 10 2014

KUALA TERENGGANU, Oct 20 (Bernama) — Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) will conduct a thorough investigation on the organising of the “I Want To Touch A Dog” event that took place at Central Park, One Utama near Petaling Jaya Sunday.

JAKIM director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha said the programme should not have taken place and JAKIM regretted the irresponsible attitude of the organisers who were not concerned with the sensitivities of Muslims in the country.

“This event has never been held previously and is the first time being exposed to the community. We are Muslims and our religion has stated clearly the penalty regarding dogs.

“JAKIM will investigate the matter immediately and any action will be referred to the existing provisions,” Othman told reporters after officiating the national level religious school principals conference in Kuala Terengganu, Sunday night.

He was commenting on the organising of the programme that received overwhelming response from Muslims in and around the federal capital on Sunday.


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Photos, Videos: Waterspout In Bintulu And Miri (Oct. 18, 2014)

18 10 2014
Photo credit to UnReported News.

Photo credit to UnReported News.

A waterspout was seen in Bintulu, Sarawak along the Kidurong coast at about 10am on Saturday. 

Wikipedia wrote that waterspouts are non-supercell tornado over water; they are small and weak rotating columns of air over water and they do not suck up water.

The Star reported that an employee at Petronas’s Malaysia Liquefied Natural Gas LNG plant told The Star that the waterspout came close to the factory.

BERNAMA reported that the waterspout was also seen in Niah area of Miri.

There were also no reports of injuries or property damage in the incident.

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Photos: Kuala Lumpur Hit By A Flash Flood, October 1, 2014

1 10 2014
The submerged paking lot at Jalan Pinang. (Image: The Star)

The submerged paking lot at Jalan Pinang. (Image: The Star)

Heavy rains caused flash flood that flooded several busy roads in Kuala Lumpur today, causing bad traffic jams during the evening rush hour.

The flash flood also flooded an open parking area in Jalan Sultan Ismail, submerging hundreds of cars in flood water.

Among the flooded roads were Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Yaacob Latif and Jalan Jelatek.

The New Straits Times reported that Jalan Chan Sow Lin had to be closed for traffic until about 5p.m. as traffic policemen helped motorists to get to safer grounds.

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Haze Is Back!

29 07 2014
Air quality was at unhealthy levels in nine areas as of 8 am, Tuesday. (Photo by BERNAMA)

Air quality was at unhealthy levels in nine areas as of 8 am, Tuesday. (Photo by BERNAMA)

KUALA LUMPUR: Air quality was at unhealthy levels in nine areas in the country as of 8 am, Tuesday, according to the Department of Environment (DOE).

The affected areas are Samarahan, which recorded an Air Pollutant Index (API) reading of 118, Sibu (185) and Sri Aman (113) in Sarawak; Banting (136), Port Klang (127) and Petaling Jaya (102) in Selangor and Batu Muda (124), Cheras (122) and Putrajaya (125) in Kuala Lumpur.

Twenty other places recorded moderate air quality.

An API reading of between 0 and 50 is considered good; 51 to 100, moderate; 101 to 200, unhealthy; 201 to 300, very unhealthy; and 301 and above, hazardous. – Bernama

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NGO Islam Desak JAIS Tidak Pulangkan Bible Yang Dirampas

16 06 2014

SHAH ALAM, 16 Jun (Bernama) — Kira-kira 100 Badan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO) Islam hari ini mendesak Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) tidak tunduk kepada arahan kerajaan Selangor yang meminta jabatan itu memulangkan semula 300 naskhah Bible dalam bahasa Malaysia yang dirampas pada Januari lepas.

Pengerusi Pembela-pembela Islam Malaysia (Pembela) Hafiz Nordin yang mewakili gabungan kira-kira 100 NGO itu berkata ini berikutan naskhah Bible tersebut mengandungi kalimah Allah yang dilarang penggunaannya oleh kaum bukan Islam di negeri ini.

“Tidak perlu dipulangkan kitab Bible yang dirampas itu kerana kitab itu bercanggah dengan titah Sultan Selangor dan fatwa negeri ini yang melarang kaum bukan Islam menggunakan kalimah Allah dalam kegiatan agama mereka,” katanya dalam sidang media di sini, Isnin.

Khamis lepas, Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim dalam satu kenyataan mengarahkan JAIS memulangkan semua kitab tersebut kepada Persatuan Bible Malaysia (BSM).

Arahan itu dibuat berikutan Peguam Negara Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail memaklumkan tidak ada sebarang pendakwaan akan dibuat berhubung kes rampasan Bible dan kes itu ditutup.

Abdul Gani berkata naskhah Bible yang dirampas itu adalah himpunan buku Taurat, Zabur dan Injil yang merupakan buku asas penganut agama Kristian.

Selain Pembela, gabungan NGO itu turut diwakili Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) dan Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim).

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Watch Thomas Cup Final Match On RTM1/TV1Today

25 05 2014

RTM will telecast ‘live’ via TV1 the Thomas Cup final between Malaysia and Japan at 5.30 pm today from the Siri Fort Indoor Stadium in New Delhi.

Broadcasting director-general, Datuk Norhyati Ismail said the telecast was made possible after Astro agreed to give RTM the broadcasting rights.

Malaysia qualified for the Thomas Cup final after 12 years by defeating Indonesia 3-0 in the semifinals two nights ago.

Now Trending: #Kangkung

15 01 2014

I have been wondering why out of the sudden everybody writes about kangkung?

So, I asked my mother, “What’s up with kangkung now that it becomes a trending?”

So my mother explained about it and now I know what happened, but I’m not interested to write about kangkung until I read a few ‘interesting articles’ in The Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Chronicle and The Star about kangkung.

Today, January 15, 2014, The Malaysian Insider (TMI) and Malaysia Chronicle (MC) both publish the same article but with two different titles, TMI’s title is, ‘Malaysia’s kangkung index – Sakmongkol AK47’ while MC’s title is, ‘HOW M’SIA HAS SUFFERED UNDER HIM: Najib’s ‘GREATEST LEGACY’ – the ‘kangkung index’.

TMI wrote that the writer of the article is “the nom de guerre of Raub MP Datuk Ariff Sabri” while MC wrote that it is “written by Abdul Aziz by Mohd Ariff Sabri”.

The author is trying to convince the readers that even Royal Professor Ungku Aziz is supporting Pakatan’s #kangkung issue that the Royal Professor wrote a ‘pantun’ about Pakatan’s kangkung:


“On the recent kangkung-gate faux pas committed by an insensitive PM, Ungku Aziz penned down the following verses:


Pucuknya angkuh memanjat bukit,
tak sedar akar terendam air parit,
rakyat mengeluh lelah dan sakit,
sedikit diberi banyak diungkit.


Pucuknya angkuh memanjat bukit,
Tak sedar akar diair parit,
Bagaikan melepas anjing tersepit,
Dah jadi pemimpin, rakyat digigit.” – The Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Chronicle.


But today, The Star wrote an article entitled, “Ungku Aziz denies writing ‘kangkung’ statement”.

The Star wrote that Royal Professor Ungku Aziz told Bernama:


“I deny it 100 percent. It is a lie in which my name and photograph was used for other people’s interests…I don’t have a Twitter account and I did not make any such statement.
“I don’t know who did it and for what purpose. This is propaganda to strain my relationship with the prime minister and it’s mean,” he told Bernama – The Star.


So, TMI and MC both published an article written by a Pakatan’s DAP leader that wrongly accused Royal Professor Ungku Aziz as supporting ‘PR’s kangkung’ so much that he wrote a ‘pantun’ about kangkung.

Credit to Angin Perubahan.
Credit to Angin Perubahan.

This shows how PR’s bloggers love to spin and create stories until they themselves do not know which issue is a lie and which a is real issue.

When a leader did that kind of mistake, it destroys the leader’s credibility.

And the Pakatan’s friendly news portals destroyed the credibility of Raub Member of Parliament by publishing the article, as what Royal Professor Ungku Aziz told Bernama:


“To those who love propaganda, I advise then to stop such unhealthy activities,” – BERNAMA.


Pakatan claims that it is Utusan that spin stories but today they have ‘accidentally’ show us the truth.

Pakatan is too eager to play the #kangkung issue that they do not mind to defame others. 

So, who wrote the kangkung’s pantun?

I won’t be surprised if the Pakatan supporters blame UMNO, “Itu konspirasi UMNO”. 

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