A Giant Bottle Replica In Georgetown

The Consumers Association Of Penang (CAP) complained about a bottle-like replica in Penang.

When I first saw this picture of the giant bottle, I wonder what it is …

Could it be a giant bottle of  a new carbonated drink?

Lets us take another look…

A soy sauce?!?!

A bit more closer …

Oh dear ❗ Bottles of beer.

It was reported that above the replica, there is a banner that writes, ‘Syawal Ceria’!

Does that beer has anything to do with the coming Muslim’s Syawal celebrations?

Is this another attempt to humiliate the Muslims and Islam?

PAS leaders claim that PAS is an Islamic party and fighting for Islam.

PAS also says that DAP’s non Muslim leaders are more Islamic, understand and respect Islam more than UMNO’s Muslim leaders.

So why does none of the Islamic PR leaders especially PAS complain about this ?:?

Penang is one of the states controlled by PR.

As usual, it is always okay with the PAS leaders and supporters when a bad thing is done by either PAS, DAP or PKR … may be it is a part of PAS’s hudud 🙂

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