Mr. Bear – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

One happy bear,
Playing by a lake,
In a little town,
Named Bartlebake.

The black bear loves to swim,
And sometimes dives inside,
That one specific lake,
Which in it, fishes hide.

The fishes are scared,
Of the big black bear,
But they do not know,
That the bear’s heart is fair.

Where’s My Fortress?

A little brown bear woke up,
To find itself outside his forest,
The bear was sad and scared,
It said, “Where’s my fortress?”

The little bear walked all around,
Looking desperately for his fort,
It heard someone calling its name,
Wanted to give him words of support.

“Hi little ant,”
The little brown bear said,
The black ant nodded and smiled,
“Come and look, at what I had made”.

The bear followed the ant,
Walking through a long, dark path,
It opened its eyes and realised,
That it was taking a bath.

So it was all just a dream,
He felt asleep while taking its shower,
And so he laughed out loud,
For almost half an hour.

The Tales Of The Baggy Bug

Once upon a time there was a cute little bug.

The cute little bug.

The bug is a good flier but it cannot walk.

One day, it met a big brown bear.

The nice, fluffy, big brown bear.

The bear was very nice and fluffy.

That was the first time it saw the bug.

So it asked the little bug, “What kind of animal are you?”

The bug answered, ” I don’t know.”

The big bear asked, “Are you holding a bag?”

The little bug answered, ” Yes, but the bag is stuck on my back.”

The bear said, “Then, I’ll call you Baggy Bug!”

And that is how Baggy Bugs are called Baggy Bug 🙂

The End

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