An Owl Near My House

Last week my father, my sister and I went to buy fried banana.

Then we saw an owl nearby.

We walked straight to the owl to take a closer look mrgreen

In Bahasa Malaysia owl is ‘burung hantu’.

‘Burung’ means bird and ‘hantu’ means ghost.

So ‘burung hantu’ means ‘ghost bird’ 🙂

It sounds scary…

Anyway owl does not looked like a ghost at all 🙂

In fact I think owl is cute.

Owl has a heart shaped face.

So it’s owner called owls ‘burung love’ instead of ‘burung hantu’.

By the way that owl looks like its owner 🙂

Owl cannot see in daylight 😐

So owl is only active at night.

I hope I can meet the owl again.

My Hadith Class

My hadith class is on Wednesday night.

My hadith class starts at 9:30 PM.

The class is at Pak Cik Amin‘s house in Lembah Keramat.

The teacher’s name is Ustaz Raof.

The name of the kitab is Fathul Baari.

There are 43 names in the attendance list. 

In my jubah getting ready to go to the Hadith class
In my jubah getting ready to go to the Hadith class


My name is the 41st on the list.

I am the youngest in the hadith class.

The other people are adults.

The subject is hard to understand.

There are words in Bahasa Malaysia that I don’t understand.

The class ends very late.

After class we have supper.

But most of the time  I didn’t eat because I was asleep.

I like to go to my hadith class because I love Allah.

And I want to be a good Muslim.

I also like to go to Pak Cik Amin’s house.

There I can meet Abang Hatim.

I like to talk to Abang Hatim.

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