Meeting Indiana Jones

On 12th February, 2012 I met the new Indiana Jones!

The new Indiana Jones and me at the KLIA. We are wearing a similar hat!

His name is Rupert Mann.

He is an archeologist just like Dr. Jones and wears a hat too.

An archeologist is a person who dig underground and search for artifacts.

He is a very tall man and he lives in Melbourne, Australia.

This is the first time I meet a real archeologist.

It is very interesting to hear about the things that they found underground.

I think that the new Indiana Jones is as fun as Dr. Jones that we watch on TV.

Before leaving Malaysia, he gave me an Indiana Jones hat, just like the one that he wears.

I'm wearing my new Indiana Jones hat.

I am very happy because I really wish to have my own hat.

I love meeting Indiana Jones and I hope to meet him again soon.

From left is Thomas, Rupert, me (in front of them), my mother, my big sister Kafah, and my big sister Kashah.

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