Powerful Typhoon Bolaven Lashed Okinawa, Japan

High waves pound the shore in Yonabarucho, Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan, Sunday morning, Aug. 26, 2012. The strongest typhoon to hit Okinawa in several years lashed the island and surrounding areas Sunday, injuring several people and cutting off power to about 30,000 households. (AP Photo/Ryukyu Shimpo, Futoshi Hanashiro)

A powerful Typhoon Bolaven lashed Okinawa Island in Japan late Sunday.

The wind speeds near the center of the typhoon were about 180 kilometers per hour (112 miles per hour).

More than 75,000 households in Okinawa Island and the nearby Amami islands were blackout by the typhoon as heavy rain and winds continued Monday.

Four people were hurt by the disaster.

Meanwhile in the United States, Tropical Storm Issac is predicted to turn into a hurricane and heading towards New Orleans and Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast – please click ‘Hurricane Warnings For New Orleans And Northern Gulf Of Mexico Coast’.

Earthquake Strike Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa was hit by  a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

It happened at 5:31 am (3:31pm Friday ET) early Saturday.

ET means USA’s Eastern Time.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami advisory to the people in the Okinawa Islands, Amami Islands and Tokara Islands.

They should avoid the beaches and the sea.

Okinawa Flag
Amami Flag

Tsunami is giant waves.

The quake was centered about 6 miles (10km) deep and about 53 miles (85km) from Okinawa.

So far CNN said they haven’t received any news about the damage or casualty on the islands.

Anyway, I guess the aftermath will not be as bad as in the Haiti’s earthquake.

On 12 January 2010 Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that almost destroyed Port-au-Prince and killed hundreds thousands of people.

Earthquake is a natural disaster.

I think we must avoid earthquake.

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