Al-Arqam’s Shadow Cabinet

Khatijah Am, known to her followers as Ummu Jah, had been living in self-imposed exile in Mecca for the past few years. (Photo from NST)

Today NST reports on the banned Al-Arqam movement’s “shadow cabinet”.

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Al-Arqam was decreed a deviant sect in 1994 by the National Fatwa Council after it was found to have practised Aurad Muhammadiah teachings which was described as misleading Muslims from the true Islamic beliefs.

There are 41 ministries in the “shadow cabinet” including:

  •  the ministry of the netherworld (kementerian alam ghaib)

  •  the ministries of true souls and sects (roh suci dan tariqat)

  • the ministry of death and the hereafter (kematian dan akhirat)

  • the ministry of family and holy sex (keluarga dan seks suci)

Khatijah Am had assumed the position as their prime minister and claimed that she received direct orders from her late husband, the founder of Al-Arqam, Ashaari Muhammad.

Al-Arqam followers believe that Ashaari Muhammad is still leading them.

NST also reports that Khatijah lived in a mansion called RSA Palace in Mecca which she rented for 340,000 riyal (RM 276,000) a year.

She had been holding monthly meetings with “top leaders” of the sect in Malaysia via video conferencing.

PKR’s Dr. Badrulamin Detained At Al-Arqam Concert; Is He Involved With The Banned Sect.?

Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) raided an Al-Arqam concert at Bandar Country Home in Rawang at about 10 pm last night.

Please click here for: ‘Al-Arqam’s Shadow Cabinet’

The special concert was to celebrate the 75th birthday of Al-Arqam founder, Ashaari Muhammad or popularly known as Abuya who died in 2010.

Utusan reported that a senior Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leader, Dr. Badrulamin Bahron who was the guest of honour at the concert, was one of the people detained by JAIS. 

NST reported that more than 20 Al-Arqam followers were detained under Section 12C of the Selangor Syariah Criminal Enactment for seeking to revive the banned Al-Arqam sect.

I wonder why Dr. Badrulamin was the guest of honour at the concert; does he has any connection with the group or is he one of their supporters?

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