The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 5: Interviews)

Od Woods

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The next day, the four friends had a meeting in Mic’s garden to discuss about the mystery. “I found nothing in Russia that can help us to solve this mystery,” said Mic. “No clues and no information. Furthermore I can’t speak Russian, so it was hard for me to communicate with the Russians over there. So I think we’ll have to get more clues here in Woodsland. And the answers from Akbar couldn’t help us at all. He said he had never come here before, and this is the first trip to Woodsland that he had ever made. So, I don’t think my trip to Russia can help us in solving this mystery,” continued Mic.

They then decided to go to the woods to search for more clues. As they walked near the woods, they saw two men walking from the woods. One was small, slim and dark with white hair and the other was tall, big and red headed. Pete asked the first man, “Good morning, sir. Sorry for interrupting you, but do you know the person who had cut down the trees in the woods or do you know someone who might have done it?”

“No,” said the man looking angrily at Mic, “and stop playing in the woods. This is a dangerous place,” he continued in a croaked voice. He walked towards his big truck, stated the engine and drove away.

Mic walked to the second man, “Excuse me, sir. Do you know someone who might have cut down the trees in the woods?”

The man looked at them with a warm smile. Then he answered in a kind and soft voice, “I wish that I can help you but sorry, I have no idea. It is nice to know that you care about the trees in this woods. Maybe you could take a look around this place for some clues. By the way, I’m Steve Black, the fisherman.”

“Thanks, Mr. Black,” said Mic. ” I am Michael Alvernda. It’s very nice to meet you.”

They all went into the woods and inspected the trees around them. Then they reached an area where the thick bushes stopped them from going further. Suddenly they heard some rustling sound in the bushes. They stood back, scared and wondering what could it be. They were about to run away when they saw a man behind the bushes. He saw the children and walked out from the bushes.

He then walked towards them and introduced himself, “Hi, I am Rupert Alexender Marmet. I am a botanist from Australia. I am studying the plants in this woods. Do you like plants too?” They asked him a lot of questions and the kind botanist was happy to answer their questions. He showed them photos of some wonderful plants that he saw in the woods.

Then he asked them, “It seems that someone had cut down a lot of trees around the woods especially that area,” he said pointing to the area where they came from. “Do you know who did it and why?” The children told him that they were also asking the same questions too. The botanist said, “Well, I have to go now. I really enjoyed talking to all of you and hope that you can solve the mystery of who cut the beautiful trees and why; so that we can stop the person from destroying this beautiful woods. I hope we’ll meet again soon. Goodbye!”

“So, what’s next, Pete?” asked Mic after Rupert left them.

“I think we’ll go and ask  a friend of mine if he knows anything about what had happened in the woods as he lives nearby,” answered Pete. “It’s better to ask someone we know than someone we don’t.” And so they all went to the house of Pete’s German friend named Frederick. But he told them that he did not know much about it. He only read about it from a newspaper. Frederick explained that it was against the law to cut down trees in the woods.

Instead of giving them clues, he served them chocolate ice-cream that he made all by himself. The ice-cream was so delicious and creamy and the four children really enjoyed the tasty ice-cream. Soon, they said goodbye to Frederick and walked to a nearby riverbank to discuss about what had happened.

Suddenly they heard footsteps from behind them. They looked behind them but they could not see anything. After a while, they heard clattering noise from the woods across the river. They looked up and saw a few trees started to fall down to the ground on the other side of the river.

To be continued …

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The Mystery of The Deforested Woods (Chapter 4: Trip To Russia)

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Od Woods

They all thought hard. “I know!” shouted Pete. “I think I know the person who cut down the trees in the woods. Henry! It should be him. It can’t be Ivan; because if Ivan cut down the trees, there won’t be any noise so we won’t be hearing the clattering sound. But first, we need to find out more information about Henry and Ivan. All lumberjacks in this country must be members of the Lumberjack Club and we can check their resumes at the club office,” continued Pete.

Safora and Mic volunteered to go to the Lumberjack Club to check if Henry and Ivan are members of the club. An hour later, they returned to Mic’s house with good news.

“Okay,” started Safora. “We have good news. They are both members of the Lumberjack Club and here is what we found out about them.” She took out her note-book and read, ” Henry is now 57 years old. He was born in Dillenburg, Netherlands. And Ivan is now 53 years old. He was born in the lands of Kolomenskoye, Russia.”

“And I have another good news,” said Mic excitedly. “Tomorrow my father is going to Russia and he is taking Reen and I along for a holiday. We’ll try to see if we can find more information about Ivan as our father will be meeting his old friend, a lumberjack named Akbar over there. Akbar was born in India but he now lives in Russia. Our father said that some of Akbar’s fingers had turned crooked or pointy, I can’t remember which; so he wants to visit him and see if he can help Akbar.”

“Where was Akbar born, Mic?” asked Pete.

“Agra, near the Taj Mahal. And I’ll try to ask him questions to find out if he came to Woodsland recently,” answered Mic.

The next day, Mic and Reen were very excited; they could hardly wait for the time to go to the airport. Their flight to Russia would be departing from the Woodsland International Airport or WIAIR at 12 o’clock noon and they were going to the airport two hours earlier. Mic and Reen said goodbye to Pete and Safora, and they promised to bring back something special from Russia for their friends.

“When will you be back from Russia?” asked Safora.

“We’ll be there for six days and we will be arriving back here at 7 o’clock in the morning on Monday,” answered Mic. “I have never been to Russia before and I hope that it is going to be fun over there,” continued Mic. Safora and Pete said goodbye to Mic, Reen and their parents as they departed for the airport.

Six days later at 7 o’clock in the morning, an AeroBratsk aeroplane landed on Woodsland International Airport’s runway from Russia.  Fifteen minutes later, out came some Russians from the aeroplane. Then a boy with his little brother walked out from the aeroplane together with their parents, followed by an Indian manIt was Mic and Reen and their parents. They came back to Woodsland together with their friend Akbar.

Two hours later, Pete, Safora, Mic and Reen got together at Mic’s house. They were so happy to see each other again. Mic and Reen told Pete and Safora about their experiences in Russia and gave them some beautiful Russian Nesting Dolls, snow globes and some Russian postage stamps. Akbar saw the children talking excitedly to each other in the garden, so he walked towards them. Reen introduced Akbar to Pete and Safora and as Akbar decided to join them, they could not discuss about the mystery. Looking at each other, they wondered, who could be the lumberjack who cut down the trees in the woods ….

To be continued …

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