A Volcano Erupts In Indonesia

FILE - Debris from the Mount Karangetang volcano lies on the shoulder of the mountain in Siau, part of Indonesia's Sulawesi island chain , in this July 27, 2006 file photo. Surono, a disaster official, said Mount Karangetang spewed lava and hot ash hundreds of yards (meters) into the air on Friday Aug. 6, 2010. Mount Karangetang is located on Siau, part of the Sulawesi island chain. (AP Photo/Arter, File)

Mount Karangetang, a volcano in Siau, Sulawesi erupted on Friday.

Mount Karangetang is one of Indonesia’s most active volcano.

1,110 degree Fahrenheit (600 Celsius) clouds of gas and hot lava was spit out from the mountain.

Ash and hot lava destroyed houses and other buildings.

A bridge and road is badly damaged.

Four people were missing and feared dead.

Five others were hospitalized, one in critical condition.

The mountain last erupted in July 2006.

Volcano eruption is a natural disaster.

Volcano Eruption Closed Airports In Europe

A flight information board showing cancelled flights at the Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris April 16, 2010

There was a volcano eruption near by the Eyjafilljallajokull glacier early Wednesday April 14, 2010 near Reykjavik in Iceland.

Please click  here for the updated list of airport and airspace status as of 2100 GMT Tuesday.

The eruption caused a flood around the area from the melted glacier.

The ash had flown to Europe airspace.

Aeroplane cannot fly because of the volcanic ash in the air.

The ash can cause problems to the plane engines.

About 17,000 flight were cancelled.

People cannot fly home like my father’s friend, Mr. Steve McEwan.

He cannot go back to the United Kingdom from Kuala Lumpur.

His flight was cancelled this morning.

Heathrow airport in London, Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, Schipholin airport in Amsterdam and many more airports in Europe are closed.

This is a disaster to everybody especially in Europe.

People waiting at the Prague's Ruzyme airport on April 16, 2010.

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    A Hiker Fell Into Mount St. Helens Crater

    A hiker fell 500 feet into the crater of Mount St. Helens volcano Monday afternoon.

    He was standing about 5 feet from the edge when the cornice of snow gave way and he fell into the crater.

    Anyway he did not fall completely down to the crater bottom.

    The rescue team had to stop trying to get to the hiker Monday night because of the darkness, air turbulence and falling rocks.

    They believe the hiker is still alive and hope that they will be able to save him.

    Mount St. Helens is an active volcano.

    An active volcano is a volcano that usually erupts.

    There are about 800 active volcanoes around the world.

    It is located in Skamania County, Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA.

    The volcano is located in the Cascade Range and is part of the Cascade Volcano Arc.

    On May 18, 1980 there was a big eruption at Mount St. Helens that destroyed nearly 150 square miles of forest and killed 57 people.

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