Healthy Food

I like to eat healthy food because they are

good, not like junk food.

My family likes to eat healthy food too.

My cousin likes to eat junk food but junk

food is bad.

Healthy food makes us healthy and strong.

Rice, noodle, chicken, fish, milk, vegetable

and fruits are healthy food.

I drink milk everyday because milk is

healthy food.

We must eat healthy food everyday.

I eat healthy food everyday because I am a

good boy.

These are healthy food
These are healthy food

Junk Food

Looks yummy but bad
Looks yummy but bad

Junk food is bad food.

Junk food is not healthy.

Junk food can make us sick.

Junk food has lots of sugar and bad for

our teeth.

And junk food has colouring too.

Colouring can make us sick.

Some colourings gives me allergy.

Junk food has bad oil and fat.

Bad oil and fat make us sick too.

Junk food has other bad things that make

us sick

Lollipops, sweets and some chips are junk


There are lots of other junk food

but I don’t know their names.

I don’t like to eat junk food because I am a

good boy.

Barney and Friends

Barney is an imagination dinasour.

Barney is a purple dinasour with green spots.

Barney likes to sing and dance.

Barney has a bag.

They call it Barney bag.

I like to watch Barney and friends because they are good like Dora, Diego and Wonder Pets.

They do not fight.

I also like to sing with Barney.

I went to see Barney Live in Kuala Lumpur when I was 1 year old.


Applefest in Sidney Ohio
Applefest in Sidney Ohio

I like to go to Applefest because I like to eat apples.

I like the sweet apples and I like the sour apples too.

I went to Applefest in Sidney, Ohio in September 2006.

A big red apple
A big red apple

There were lots of apples at the Applefest.

I saw red apples, green apples and yellow apples.

I ate apple sauce too.

They made apple butter at the Applefest.

I like apple butter too but apple butter does not taste like butter.

I saw a play at the Applefest.

They were other fruits and vegetables too.

I saw old cars show.

There were lots of beautiful old cars.

Old cars show at applefest
Old cars show at the Applefest

Pontiac Montana

Pontiac is a car brand.

In America they say ‘Po-ni-yak’.

We rented a Pontiac in America.

Stop by in Michigan on the way to Niagara Falls
Stop by in Michigan on the way to Niagara Falls - September 2006

The colour is silver like my father’s Citroen.

It was big and very, very, very, very, very, very nice.

I enjoy riding in Pontiac
I enjoy riding in Pontiac

I like to ride in the Pontiac.

With my Pontiac Solstice toy car
With my Pontiac Solstice toy car
Another pose with my Pontiac Solstice
Another pose with my Pontiac Solstice

The Pontiac is a good car.

I also have a Pontiac but it is only a toy car.

My Pontiac toy car is also beautiful.

I like the Pontiac car.

Photo of 2006 Pontiac Solstice like my toy car
Photo of 2006 Pontiac Solstice like my toy car

Apple Picking

I like to go apple picking.

When I go apple picking I pick apple.

“]I choose the red apples from my Abah's friend neighbour's house in Palo Alto, California [2005]
I choose the red apples from Uncle Nisar’s house (Abah’s friend in Palo Alto, California) – [2005

I pick the big red apple.

When I pick the apples, I eat the apples at the orchard.

“]I ate the apples at the orchard
I ate the apples at the orchard – near Columbus, Ohio [2006

I went apple picking in Ohio and Palo Alto, California.

When I eat apples over there, I will say mmmmmmmmm

The apples are so sweet.

I love apples very, very, very much.

And I like to buy apples too.

Do you like to eat apple too?

Hugging big pumpkins near the orchard in Ohio
Hugging big pumpkins near the orchard in Ohio

Ikang Singgang

‘Ikang Singgang’ is a Terengganu food. Ikang singgang is a fish soup.

The colour of ikang singgang soup is yellow.

Ikang singgang tastes so tasty.

I eat ikang singgang with rice and porridge.

When I eat Ikang Singgang I say mmmm.

I like to eat ikang singgang at home.

I know that is ikang singgang because my mother taught me that is ikang singgang.

My mother cooks tasty ikang singgang.

Do you like Ikang singgang?

My mother's tasty Ikang Singgang


Pizza is a food. I like to eat pizza. I like the beef peperoni, cheese, pineapple, tomato and olive on the pizza.

When I eat pizza I say mmmm… I like to eat Domino’s pizza. I like Avanti pizza too. I eat Avanti pizza at the Avanti Ristorante in Sunway Resort Hotel.

I like to eat at Avanti Ristorante because I can draw on the table. They put paper on the table and gives crayons.

Pizza comes from Italy because pizza is an Italian food. Avanti is an Italian Restaurant.

Yummy pizza at Avanti Ristorante
Yummy pizza at Avanti Ristorante

Trengganuspeak 1

I want to write Trengganuspeak like my big

sister Aiman Amani, but I only know a bit.

Nok – Want

Dok – Don’t

Mok – Mother

Ayoh – Father

Busuk bango – Very smelly

Bising bango – Very noisy

Pipah – My big sister Anisah (a.k.a. Afifah)

Esoh – My big sister Aeshah

Pijok – Peugeot

Logo pijot
Logo pijok

Mechedih – Mercedes

Dora The Explorer

Dora is an explorer. Dora is a girl. Dora goes

everywhere and save everybody in trouble.

Dora’s friends are Boots, Benny, Isa, Tico and

Swiper. Boots is a monkey. Benny is a bull. Isa

is an iguana. Tico is a squirrel. Swiper is a fox.

Boots, Benny, Isa and Tico are good everyday.

Swiper is naughty but sometimes Swiper is


Dora has a Backpack. If Dora wants to use

anything for her work she takes them from her


Dora The Explorer is a good show because they

are not fighting just like Wonder Pets and Go

Diego Go. I like to watch Dora but now no

Dora show on TV3 kids and TV9.

Dora is Diego’s cousin. Dora speaks English

and Spanish. I can count from 1 to 10 in