More Eid Open Houses In KL

Last weekend I went to a lot of open houses. First I went to Uncle Amrahi’s house in Keramat. I ate nasi beriani, water melon and grapes. I love the water melon and grapes. Uncle Amrahi is good in silat Cekak Hanafi. I also went to Uncle Datuk Rameli Musa’s house. Uncle Datuk Rameli Musa … Continue reading “More Eid Open Houses In KL”

Eid Open Houses In KL

There are a lot of open houses on weekends during Shawal. On Saturday I went to a lot of open houses. First I went to Uncle Khairul’s house in Desa Serdang. I saw a few kittens and a mother cat in the cage. Some were playing some and were sleeping. I played with Kak Zarith … Continue reading “Eid Open Houses In KL”

Good Practice And Bad Practice

Good practice are doing good things. Good practice are: Solat/praying. Studying. Working. Eating healthy food. Reading the Al-Quran. Reading good books. Make ourselves good. Help others to become good. To keep the world clean and beautiful, pleasing to Allah. Writing good blog. Bad practice are doing bad things. Bad practice are: Eating junk food. Kicking … Continue reading “Good Practice And Bad Practice”

Keropok Lekor

Keropok lekor is a food. It is a healthy food. Keropok lekor don’t have trans-fat. They use fish to make keropok lekor. I like to eat keropok lekor. Yesterday I ate keropok lekor. They are so tasty. We bought them at Tanjong. I watched a woman making keropok lekor. I also went to another keropok … Continue reading “Keropok Lekor”


Goldfish is a fish. My grandmother has goldfish. I like to eat goldfish but I don’t eat my grandmother’s goldfish. I only eat my goldfish cracker. A cracker is like a cookie. Goldfish cracker is very tasty. When I eat goldfish cracker, I say mmmmmmmmmmm… My goldfish cracker is a healthy food because it has … Continue reading “Goldfish”

An Answer To Boo Su Lyn’s, “Why don’t we eat together anymore?”

The Malay Mail Online columnist, Boo Su Lyn wrote an article discussing why she thinks the Malays and Chinese do not eat together anymore. Interestingly, in the article, she seemed to put all the blame on the Malays, implying their “obsession with “halal” food“, as the main cause of the problem. This is not the … Continue reading “An Answer To Boo Su Lyn’s, “Why don’t we eat together anymore?””

Yummy Apple Cake

Yesterday, my big sister, Kaman baked an apple cake. I really love the cake. The cake was so moist and so tasty. That was Kaman’s third cake, her first cake was a sponge cake and her second cake was a pound cake. The apple cake recipe was from Fabio Viviani and Fabio named the cake, … Continue reading “Yummy Apple Cake”

The Special, Delicious Terengganu Sweet Cakes

In Terengganu we have lots of delicious traditional sweet cakes. Most of them are made of lots of eggs, coconut milk and sugar such as akok, jala mas and sekaya. Anyway these tasty food are hard to get in Kuala Lumpur. So we were so happy to have them at the book launch of AMoT … Continue reading “The Special, Delicious Terengganu Sweet Cakes”

How To Make Roselle Juice

This is how we make our yummy roselle juice from my own roselle plants: First we need to plant the roselle from roselle seeds. Small roselle plant Then we need to wait for a few months until it grow bigger and bigger. After a few month, the roselle starts to have flowers. Later they become … Continue reading “How To Make Roselle Juice”

Roselle Picking

Now I have three roselle plants. They are very big and healthy. I planted them from Rosie’s seeds. Rosie was my old roselle plant. It died a long time ago. My roselle plants have a lot of fruits. Today I picked 8 fruits from my roselle plant. The ripe fruits are maroon in colour. Roselle … Continue reading “Roselle Picking”