Bangunlah… – Sebuah Sajak oleh Ahmad Ali Karim

27 05 2018

Sedih dan kecewa merobek hati
Gusar, hampa, gundah-gulana…

Jangan tewas pada emosi,
Jangan menurut sedih di hati,
Tanamkan tekad, kuatkan hati.

Tiada apa yang terhenti,
Tiada noktah dalam perjuangan
Selagi nyawa dikandung badan

Mungkin dulu…
Ada yang alpa,
Ada yang leka,
Ada yang tidak jujur dalam perjuangan,
Mungkin juga kita tidak bertekad waja,

Ini bukanlah satu pengakhiran,
Ini hanyalah satu cabaran

Bangkitlah wahai bangsaku,
Ayuh, jadikan ini titik permulaan!


Day And Night, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

12 08 2016

Above the ground, up so high,
I see the sky, so blue and bright,
Birds and clouds and aeroplanes too,
Also the sun, our brightest light.

As night falls, the darkness comes,
The blue sky turns, to darker hue,
With twinkling stars, around the moon,
The same old scene has turned anew.

Hours passed, dawn is near,
Leaves are covered with drops of dew,
The birds are back, singing along,
It’s a new day, for me and you.

Sight And Sound, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

8 06 2016

The soothing sounds of the waves,
As they lap against the rocks,
Wind whispering through the trees,
I feel calm and free.

The rustling of the leaves,
As grasses dance in the autumn wind,
The sweet fragrance of spring,
I’m as rich as a king.

Bersatulah Bangsaku, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

3 06 2016

Bangsaku, bersatulah kita,
Kita satu kaum, satu agama,
Bersatu padu, seia sekata,
Susah senang kita bersama.

Janganlah kita berpecah-belah,
Usahlahlah kita terus bertelingkah,
Berusahalah kita, jangan mengalah,
Agar tidak tersalah langkah.

A Peaceful World Without Tumult – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

18 04 2016

Butterflies flying freely in the air,
Bunnies bouncing here and there,
Trees and plants planted everywhere,
My beautiful garden, my dream world.

Friendly fox resting under a tree,
A baby bird sleeps in its nest,
Little beetle riding on a honey bee,
Living their lives, in peace and harmony.

Colourful flowers painted the scene,
Completed by fruits, hanging from the trees,
Its spring water is crystal clean,
Unpolluted garden, beautiful and serene.

Be United, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

24 02 2016

Cute little birds,
Flying all around,
Over yellow sunflowers,
Making chirping sounds.

Red, green or blue,
They all have fun,
Unlike humans,
They’re united as one.

Singing the sweetest songs,
Can be heard from afar,
Chirping all around,
No matter where they are.

All around the places,
They’ll fly together,
Nothing can stop them,
Not even the weather.

Rainforest Part 2, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

20 02 2016

By the river, surrounded by trees,
There’s many things to be seen,
Birds, squirrels, butterflies and bees,  
Around wild flowers, orchids and ferns.

Green plants and grey rocks,
Scattered across the damp grass,
Fishes, foxes, deer and hawks,
Greeting you as you pass.

Soothing sounds, pleasing your ears,
Animals and nature singing for you,
Sounds of nature, you can hear,
Day and night, awaiting you.

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