Photos: Palm Trees Covered in Snow in Florida The Sunshine State!

5 01 2018

Ahead of the approaching “winter hurricane” about to hit most of the U.S. East Coast, Floridians woke up Wednesday morning to something that’s very rare in the Sunshine State.
Photo credit to Yahoo! News

Winter Storm Grayton brought rare snow to parts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

The city of Tallahassee in North Florida which hasn’t witnessed snow for 29 years, shocked the people with its first snow in nearly three decades.

While Orlando is expected to snow soon, and Miami still remains raining.

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Felines and Bunnies That Look Exactly the Same

23 11 2017

Ginger female kitten Sabrina scent-rubbing against a young sandy lop rabbit. (Photo: Warren photographic/Caters News)

[Caters News}- These “snapcats” have found their bunny doppelgängers in a series of super-sweet photo shoots. Animal photographer Mark Taylor, from Surrey, England, and his assistants have scoured the U.K. to bring together carbon-copy rabbits and cats.

Sharing details such as fur and eye color, seating positions, startled expressions, and even matching markings on their noses, the cute animals look as if they came from the same litter. Some of them also appear to be the best of friends, with the pairs cuddling up to and even lying on top of each other.

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Photos: National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Highlights

8 10 2017

“The image was taken from Hallstat Village in Austria right after sunrise. I had to walk some distance to reach this village view point.” (Shanof K. / National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest)

[Yahoo News}- From the heights of the Arctic to the depths of Africa, week two of the National Geographic Nature photographer of the year contest features a range of Earth’s most fascinating and beautiful creatures and landscapes.

The annual competition is split into four subsections: Wildlife, Landscapes, Underwater and Aerials.

A winner will be selected from each category at the end of November, before one overall winner is selected in December.

Patrick Witty, National Geographic’s Deputy Director of Digital Photography, said of the competition so far: “The strength and diversity of the submitted photos are always astounding, and this contest gives those incredible entries a platform that is seen by millions ­– including National Geographic’s photo editors.”

Here are some of the best entries so far.

Beautiful Scenery of Cameron Highlands

5 10 2017

Cameron Highlands is not only about strawberries and flower gardens, the beautiful scenery and landscapes, and the greenery is something we cannot easily find in the city.

Unfortunately, the commercial farms have somehow spoilt the greenery of the highlands.

These photos are taken during my brief visit to Cameron Highlands two days ago.

Photos – Amazing Macro Images of Insects and Droplets

8 06 2017

“My favorite photo is the ladybird covered by dew, which took a lot of work but was worth it for the awards I’ve received.” (Photo: František Dulík/Caters News)

Snapping something spectacular can be tricky in the wet, but these stunning photos are an exception to the rule.

Amateur macro-photographer František Dulík, 35, from Slovakia works as a technical engineer for medical devices when he is not capturing insects.

To get these unique photos of the bright and alien-looking mini beasts, Dulík will get up at 3 a.m. to spend five hours out with his camera over sunrise. (Caters News)

A Human-like Features Found In India

4 06 2017

A video of a cow with a human-like features found in India went viral as villagers across the region went to see the phenomenon.

The calf was born with the eyes, nose and ears that resemble that of a human, while the lower part of its body had features of a cow.

But this cow died within an hour of its birth in Muzaffarnagar, as it was kept in a glass box.

This is a similar case to the human-faced baby goat found in the Felda Sungai Mas in Kota Tinggi, which also died when it was found by its owner, Ibrahim Basir.

In Pictures: Stunning Images of Sea Life From the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017

24 02 2017
The overall winner of Underwater Photographer of the Year, French diver Gabriel Barathieu’s Dancing Octopus (Picture: Gabriel Barathieu/UPY2017)

The overall winner of Underwater Photographer of the Year, French diver Gabriel Barathieu’s Dancing Octopus (Picture: Gabriel Barathieu/UPY2017)

[Yahoo News}- This is what the world looks like when you live under the sea.

These amazing images were snapped in extreme conditions by talented photographers with a keen eye.

They all feature in the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017 competition, which showcases the best images below the surface.

More than 4,500 photographs were submitted from 67 different countries.

The overall winner was French diver Gabriel Barathieu for his stunning photo of a hunting octopus.

It was taken in the lagoon of the tiny island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean.

“I got as close as possible with a wide angle lens to create this image, which makes the octopus look huge.”

Nick Blake, from Dublin in Ireland, won British Underwater Photographer of the Year for his photo, Out of the Blue, taken in a freshwater sinkhole in Mexico.

Argentinian Horacio Martinez was named as Up and Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year for his image, Oceanic In The Sky, taken in Egypt and featuring a shark.

The title of Most Promising British Underwater Photographer went to Nicholai Georgiou for his image, Orca Pod, taken in the depths of winter in northern Norway.

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