Tasty Home Made Crumpets

Crumpet and honey... a very tasty meal.
Crumpet and honey… a very tasty meal.

Fasting sometimes make us think about food 🙂

And today, I’m going to write about home made crumpets or drop scones….

My mother says that crumpets are very easy to make.

The other day when my mother was in a hurry to go out for some groceries she baked crumpets for our early lunch.

You’ll only need flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, eggs, butter and milk or buttermilk.

My mother mixed the ingredients, let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes and cook them.

Yummy! Crumpet with honey and whipped cream.
Yummy! Crumpet with honey and whipped cream.

They are really tasty on their own or we can eat them with butter, jam, ice cream or anything that we like.

I topped them with whipped cream and honey and they tasted really good.

Crumpets looks like little pancakes but they taste different; and I prefer crumpets than pancakes.

I wish I can have more of those delicious and tasty crumpets…..

I am enjoying my crumpet.
I am enjoying my crumpet.

Cinnamon Bread

Thick slices of tasty cinnamon bread.
Thick slices of tasty cinnamon bread.

We bake our own breads and they are much more tastier and healthier than the ones from the grocery stores or the local bakeries.

And I love the aroma of freshly baked breads.

My mother bakes all kinds of breads and one of them is Cinnamon Bread.

Cinnamon Bread is very tasty and it is tastier if we toast the bread and eat them with butter and cinnamon sugar.

It is beautiful too because it have swirls in the middle of the loaf.

A piece of freshly baked Cinnamon Bread
A piece of freshly baked Cinnamon Bread.

Anyway, even though I love cinnamons and I enjoy eating Cinnamon Bread, I actually prefer the whole wheat bread that I made.

My mother taught me how to make the whole wheat bread named, The Grant Loaf because it is one of the easiest bread to make 🙂

Apart from Cinnamon Bread, my mother also made Cinnamon Buns for us to enjoy.

Freshly Baked Cinnamon Buns!
Hot and freshly baked Cinnamon Buns! Nice on its own or we can glanced it for  sweeter bites.

How To Cook Bubur Lambuk In Pictures

Cooking bubur lambuk is a hard work.

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Bubur lambuk is the most popular food for iftar during Ramadhan days in Malaysia.(Please click here for the best bubur lambuk in Kampung Baru.)

These are the ingredients for Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru:

  1. rice

  2. spices

  3. onion

  4. beef

  5. lots of water, some salt and black pepper

  6. celery, green onion and fried shallots

How to cook bubur lambuk:

First we fry sliced onions and the spices.

Next we add the water and the minced beef.

Add the rice into the hot soup and keep stirring until done.

Aunty Sham let me try stirring the bubur lambuk. It is hard work and it is very, very hot.

We have to stir and stir and stir.

The bubur lambuk is almost cooked.

When the porridge is cooked, put in the celery, green onion and fried shallot.

Slices of celery, green onion and fried shallots.

Stir again and you’re done.

Now you can eat the delicious Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru :mrgreen:

This pot of bubur lambuk is ready to be enjoyed by bubur lambuk lovers.

How To Make Delicious Chapati

Chapati is an Indian bread.

It is a healthy food because we use atta flour to make the chapati.

My mother add some butter and salt to the flour so the chapati tastes delicious even on its own.

I love to eat chapati.

We can eat chapati for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

To make chapati, we need:

  • A big bowl of atta flour

Atta flour

How to make Chapati:

  • First we mix the flour and butter (it is okay if you do not want to use butter 🙂

Add a little bit of butter to the atta flour.

  • Add plain water to the flour to make a nice dough.

Then mix it :mrgreen:
  • Knead the dough to make it smooth.

  • Cover the dough and leave it for 30 minutes.

  • Divide the dough into small balls.

Divide the dough into small balls.
  • Roll the ball into thin bread.

Roll the dough 🙄
  • Cook them on a chapati pan.

Cook the dough into a capati 🙂
Now you are done 😆

Chapati is tastier when they are hot 🙂

Try it with dhal, chicken and vegetable curry and cucumber and yoghurt salad.

We can also eat chapati with the tasty ful medames.

I love delicious, healthy food.

(Please click here for a recipe of the delicious and nutritious ful medames).

Delicious Strawberry Yoghurt Drink Recipe-With Pictures

Last week my mother bought lots of sweet and juicy ripe strawberries.

She made our favourite strawberry yoghurt drink.

The drink was so tasty.

It is a very healthy drink because the strawberries  are rich in vitamin C, fiber, antioxidant and lots of minerals.

Yoghurt has lots of good bacteria called probiotic, minerals and vitamins.

Honey is also a very healthy food.

So when we mix all of them together, they’ll become a very healthy and tasty drink 🙂

Below is the strawberry yoghurt drink recipe.

We need:

  • Ripe strawberries.

Yummy and sweet red strawberries.
  • Natural yoghurt.

Delicious, white  natural yoghurt.
  • Some honey.

How to make the tasty drink:

  • Cut the strawberries and put the strawberries and yoghurt in a blender.

Put the yummy, red, strawberries and delicious, white natural yoghurt in a blender.
  • Add the sweet, golden honey.

Add some sweet, golden honey.
  • Add some water or some milk or both.

  • Blend them until you’ll get a beautiful pink  juice.

Blend them and this is the result.
  • Serve the drink and enjoy it 🙂

By the way, mom says that you may add some sugar or a pinch of salt to the drink but too much sugar is bad for us.

Pour the yummy drink into a mug or glass and enjoy it...

I think that strawberry yoghurt drink  looks as good as its taste.

It will be a nice drink during a hot day as it is in Kuala Lumpur now :mrgreen:

Tasty And Nutritious Ful Medames

Ful medamas-this is one of my favourite dinner

I love to eat ful medames or fūl Müdemmis (فول مدمّس).

Ful medames is a very tasty and healthy dish made out of beans.

This dish is actually from Egypt but it is popular in Sudan and Saudi Arabia too.

It is made from fava beans.

We eat ful medames with onion, garlic, tomatoes, olive slices, tahini, lime, olive oil and Arabian flat bread and falafel.

How to cook ful medames:

  1. Cook the fava beans with olive oil and garlic.

  2. When the beans are cooked, mash the beans.

  3. Then, serve the ful.

  4. Add some olive oil before eating our ful.

I love to add a lot of olive oil so my ful will be tastier.

I also like to eat falafel (فلافل‎) with ful, so my mother will cook falafel whenever she cooks ful.

Falafel is also a healthy food that originated from Egypt.

Falafel is made from chickpeas.

Ful reminds me of chili con carne because it is a bean dish too.

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