Tiny People In The World Of Big Foods

Photographer Christopher Boffoli had photographed a collection of wonderful photo featuring tiny, hand-painted figures photographed against real food environments.

He photographed them as if they were climbing some rock candy, collecting salts, went to a linguine car wash and others.

Aren’t they cute?

(Please click the photos for larger images)


Please click here for more wonderful photos by photographer Christopher Boffoli.


A Surprise Durian Party

I am standing in front the field facing the Dato' Haji Ahmad Badawi Hall.

On Sunday, July 17, 2011 we had a wonderful durian party at Dato’ Haji Ahmad Badawi Hall, in Butterworth, Penang.

The party started after the seminar(SEMAIAN) that we attended at the hall.

We were going back to the hotel when the uncles from ‘GABUNGAN’ brought us a very big bag of durians.

They said the durians were from orchards in Balik Pulau where the best durians from Penang come from.

The durians were very sweet and tasty.

We had the party outside the seminar room, facing a nice green field, full of pigeons. 

It was the best durian party that I ever had :mrgreen:

To eat the durians, we must first open the fruits 🙂

Pak Cik Burhan is trying had to open a durian..
Mmm...tasty and sweet. I am eating durian..
I(middle) was enjoing durian with my father(L) and Pak Cik Burhan(R).
"Where is my durian?", asked my sad sister Kafah. From left is my mother, Kafah, my father, me and Pak Cik Burhan. Everybody are enjoing tasty durian; except Kafah...

Delicious Strawberry Yoghurt Drink Recipe-With Pictures

Last week my mother bought lots of sweet and juicy ripe strawberries.

She made our favourite strawberry yoghurt drink.

The drink was so tasty.

It is a very healthy drink because the strawberries  are rich in vitamin C, fiber, antioxidant and lots of minerals.

Yoghurt has lots of good bacteria called probiotic, minerals and vitamins.

Honey is also a very healthy food.

So when we mix all of them together, they’ll become a very healthy and tasty drink 🙂

Below is the strawberry yoghurt drink recipe.

We need:

  • Ripe strawberries.

Yummy and sweet red strawberries.
  • Natural yoghurt.

Delicious, white  natural yoghurt.
  • Some honey.

How to make the tasty drink:

  • Cut the strawberries and put the strawberries and yoghurt in a blender.

Put the yummy, red, strawberries and delicious, white natural yoghurt in a blender.
  • Add the sweet, golden honey.

Add some sweet, golden honey.
  • Add some water or some milk or both.

  • Blend them until you’ll get a beautiful pink  juice.

Blend them and this is the result.
  • Serve the drink and enjoy it 🙂

By the way, mom says that you may add some sugar or a pinch of salt to the drink but too much sugar is bad for us.

Pour the yummy drink into a mug or glass and enjoy it...

I think that strawberry yoghurt drink  looks as good as its taste.

It will be a nice drink during a hot day as it is in Kuala Lumpur now :mrgreen:


Banana is a type of fruit and I like it very much.

They are nutritious too.

They grow in the tropics.

They are very so sweet and tasty.

There are many kinds of bananas in Malaysia and the best place to buy them is at the farmer’s market (pasar tani).

When I eat bananas, I’ll say “mmmmmmmmm”.

Most ripe bananas are yellow but some of them are green, red and purple too.

The shape of a banana is like a crescent.

I like to eat porridge with fresh banana 🙂

We can also eat raw bananas with ice-cream or make them into banana milkshake.

Some bananas have to be cooked because they are not so tasty when eaten raw.

Bananas that need to be cooked

We can make banana cake, pudding and a lot other tasty dishes.

We can also fry them and they’ll become tasty and crunchy ‘goreng pisang or pisang goreng’ or banana fritters 🙂

My mother will use the over riped banana to make tasty banana balls or ‘jemput pisang’.

But I like banana in syrup or ‘sira pisang’ the most.

A basketful of ripe pisang mas, they are very sweet and tasty 🙂

And I think the ‘pisang mas’ is the tastiest banana 🙂

A Bamboo Stick? No, It Is Sugar Cane!

Last week Uncle Dollah gave us a long stick and my sister Kafah and I thought that it was a bamboo stick.

Then I found out that it was not a bamboo stick but it was a sugar cane!

The sugar cane given by Uncle Dollah.

I have never seen a sugar cane before.

The sugar cane was about three and a half feet long.

I used a ruler to measure the sugar cane.

It was divided into nine sections and there were hard nodes in between the sections.

We use sugar cane to make sugar.

We can also make sugar cane juice or eat it raw.

This is how to eat raw sugar cane:

  1. You can use your teeth to peel out the hard skin and bite into the inner part and chew it. 

    You can use your teeth to peel out the hard skin.



    1. First use a big knife to cut the sugar cane stalk into sections. Your mother has to do all these for you 🙂 

      Use a big knife to peel out the hard skin.


    2. Then peel out the hard skin and wash them.

    3. Then cut the sugar cane into small pieces. 

      A plate of sugar cane pieces ready to be eaten.


    4. Put the sugar cane pieces into a plate.

    5. Then we eat it 🙂 We chew the sugar cane pieces for the juice and throw away the husk in a rubbish bin. 

      I'm eating the sugar cane.


  2. It was really fun to eat raw sugar cane and the juice tasted so sweet.

    Thank you Uncle Dollah; and I hope that maybe Uncle Dollah can give me more sugar cane ….

Rambutan Picking

Tok Teh's rambutan trees

I was in Terengganu for the last two weeks for Eid holidays.

Kuala Terengganu is my parent’s hometown.

On the second day of Eid we visited Tok Teh.

Tok Teh is my grand aunty.

I called my grand uncle Tok Teh too.

It is very sad that he had passed away.

There were a lot of red, ripe rambutans on the rambutan trees at Tok Teh’s house.

So, a few days later we visited Tok Teh’s house again for a rambutan picking.

Kafah and I with our rambutans

Rambutan is a type of a fruit with hair on its skin.

Ripe, red rambutans

‘Rambut’ is hair in Malay language.

My big sister Kaman used a pole (galah) to pluck the rambutans.

My other sisters and I ran to collect to rambutans.

It was like a ‘rambutan rain’ 🙂

Kashah, Kafah and I rushed to collect the rambutans.

It was really fun.

This is the first time I went rambutan picking.

We sorted our rambutans and counted them. I collected 88 rambutans; more than my sisters did.

It was as fun as apple picking.

Later we ate the fruits.

They were very, very sweet.

Photos Of A Farmer’s Market (Pasar Tani) In Kuala Lumpur

Pasar tani or farmer's market.

On Sunday, I went to a farmer’s market.

In Malay, we call it ‘pasar tani’.

We went to ‘pasar tani’ to buy food.

In ‘pasar tani’, people sell all kinds fresh vegetables.

A basket filled with long beans.
Lemon grass and other herbs.
Lambuk or kemumu (Colocasia gigantea)
  • More local vegetables.
  • More vegetables...
    My mother loves to buy these...

    These are petai-but I don't eat them.
    My big sisters' (Kaman and Kashah) favourite.

    We can also buy different kinds of fruits.

    Very sweet cempedak.
    These bananas are tasty when fried or cooked in syrup; but do not eat them fresh.

    There are people selling cookies.

    Cookies for Eid.
    More cookies...

    People also sell beef in ‘pasar tani’.

    Cow's legs.

    In ‘pasar tani’ people sell chicken too.

    I love chicken 🙂

    They also sell fish and other seafood.

    More fishes...

    Pak Cik Sham sells plants and fertiliser in ‘pasar tani’.

    Pak Cik Sham and his plants.
    Some fertilzsers at Pak Cik Sham's stall.

    We can find a lot of other things too in ‘pasar tani’.

    Malaysian snacks.
    All kinds of salted fish.
    Dried, tiny fishes called 'Ikan bilis'.
    All kinds of spices.
    Dried chillies.
    Garlic-I like to eat fresh garlic.
    Shrimp paste or 'belacan'.

    How To Make Roselle Juice

    This is how we make our yummy roselle juice from my own roselle plants:

    • First we need to plant the roselle from roselle seeds.

      Small roselle plant

    • Then we need to wait for a few months until it grow bigger and bigger.

    • After a few month, the roselle starts to have flowers.

    • Later they become fruits.

      My roselle plant with lots of fruit

    • Pluck the ripe fruits.

      Roselle fruits from one of my roselle plants

    • Wash them until clean.

    • Let them dry.

      Washed roselle fruits

    • Cut them into small pieces.

    • Put them in a pot.

    • Add water and sugar.

      Boil the roselle pieces

    • Boil them.

    • Blend the roselle pieces.

    I love roselle juice very much.

    Roselle juice-looks yummy and very healthy too

    It is better to make our own roselle juice because some people add artificial colouring, artificial flavouring and preservatives to the juice that they sell in supermarkets.

    Homemade roselle juice from my own plants is very tasty and rich in vitamin C.

    It is a healthy drink.

    So I have to plant more roselle 🙂

    Planting our own fruits and vegetables is good.

    Roselle Picking

    Now I have three roselle plants.

    They are very big and healthy.

    I planted them from Rosie’s seeds.

    Rosie was my old roselle plant.

    It died a long time ago.

    My roselle plants have a lot of fruits.

    Today I picked 8 fruits from my roselle plant.

    The ripe fruits are maroon in colour.

    My roselle plants with lots of fruits and flowers

    Roselle tastes very, very, very, very, very, very, very sour.

    Before they become fruits they were flowers.

    The flowers are big, pink and beautiful.

    The roselle flower looks like hibiscus.

    But hibiscus has a long style in the middle of the flower.

    After the flowers fall, the fruits grow.

    We can make roselle juice using the fruits.

    Roselle juice is very tasty.

    It is also a healthy drink.

    It is rich in vitamin C and has a natural red colour.

    Roselle picking is fun 🙂

    And I love apple picking too.

    A Two Crowned Pineapple

    Pinapple with two crowns

    Last week my mother bought a pineapple with two crowns from Carrefour.

    The pineapple was very sweet and juicy.

    It was really yummy!

    It is the sweetest pineapple that I had ever eaten.

    The flesh was yellow and the skin was orange in colour.

    Yummy pineapple

    The crowns are green.

    There are a lot of pineapples in Malaysia.

    Some pineapples are sweet but some are sour.

    We can eat fresh pineapple, make pineapple juice, cook them, make pineapple ice cream, vitamins and so on.

    The sweet pineapple is one of my favourite fruits.

    I think pineapples with two crowns will be very sweet.

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