The Native Attack

Once upon a time, while Lalamor was playing in her room, she discovered a new place, the World Of Imagination.

Then she called her friends Ahmad Ali, Anisah Afifah, Bggrt, Dora, Diego and Sun Zen.

She invited them to the World Of Imagination.

In the World Of Imagination they can make things turn alive, create a friend and more fun things.

They named the place Casto Camelia.

Years later (in Casto time), someone threw a wafer net into the castle.

If someone is trapped inside the net, he can’t get free unless the net was destroyed.

People defended the castle by defeating the enemies.

Then they attacked their enemy’s fort in their enemy’s kingdom.

The enemy's fort.

When they won, they returned to their castle.

At the castle, they all went to the Ser Room and they were bestowed as the Knights of the Casto Camelia by the king.

The names of Knights of Casto Camelia were:

  1. General Waili the Converter

  2. Sir ZQUEEZE, the Knight of Knock

  3. Sir Left-Hand of  Jump

  4. Sir Right-Hand of Enemy

  5. Sir Handy of Calculus and Music

  6. Sir Hand of Potions

  7. Sir Sis, the Knight of Music

  8. Sir Roller, the Knight of Log

General Waili the Converter

When the enemy sent another net, all of them except Sir Roller defeated the enemy again and defeated all of the War Chiefs.

Tree, one of the enemy's War Chief.

Sir Left-Hand of Jump, Sir Right-Hand of Enemy, Sir Handy of Calculus and Music and Sir Hand of Potions pretended that they all were the natives and defeated the enemies.

Casto Camelia was victorious and they have new knights of Casto Camelia:

  1. General Rabitar

  2. General Thank You

  3. Sir Coc

  4. Sir Horse Baby

  5. Sir Bird Welcome of Micorlo Agnolo

  6. Sir Bird No Name Thing

  7. General Green Kitty Kat

General Thank You

And Casto Camelia has no more enemies.

The End 

The CAL 2

Please click here for ‘The CAL’ Part 1.

Written and illustrated by Ahmad Ali.


The CAL managed to defend Calovinia from Arguay. The king of Calovinia was very happy. The king asked his servant named Urban to give The CAL a few bags of gold and golden coins and also three holiday tickets to the White Chestnut Beach.

White Chestnut Beach

At the White Chestnut Beach, they met Kolilama the purple monkey. When it’s time to go back home, The CAL invited Kolilama for a sleep over at their office in Vateli Street, Calovinia.

The next day Meranda went on a secret mission to the moon. During her mission she discovered  a new planet. Meranda named the new planet Zackron.

Planet Samanine (left) and Planet Zackron (bottom right). Zackron's moons named Honti (middle), Peddol (above left Zackron). Sackremin (above right) was the biggest star around Planet Zackron.

After her mission was over, she called the others and brought them up to Planet Zackron. Bek took a picture of the new planet and gave it to a newspaper reporter. The reporter worked for a popular newspaper named ‘Smeilys’. The reporter came to their office to interview Meranda about Planet Zackron.

The next day, Lia went out to buy ‘Smeilys’. On the front page of ‘Smeilys’, The CAL saw the picture and the news of Planet Zackron. They were very happy.

The news about Planet Zackron was on the front page of 'Smeilys'. 'Smeiys' was a very popular newspaper in Calovinia.


The End 🙂


3rd & Bird

I watch 3rd & Bird on TV AlHijrah.

It was real fun and the animation is so beautiful.

The story is about Samuel, Rudy and Muffin playing, singing, dancing and exploring all around the 3rd & Bird.

The stories teach us good values.

The characters help each other and they work together.

I read on the internet that 3rd & Bird is originally from Cbeebies.

But the first time I watched it, I thought it was from Nick Jr.

And 3rd & Bird reminds me of the Wonder Pets.

I think it is because the creator of 3rd & Bird is Josh Selig and the creative director is Jennifer Oxley.

They are also the creator and the creative director of Wonder Pets.

The first 3rd & Bird episode that I watched was ‘Go Camping  and Starry Night’.

In Malaysia 3rd & Bird is aired daily on TV AlHijrah at 3:30 pm.

The cast are:

  • Muffin – Eden Jarrett – a pre-school lovebird.
  • Samuel – Sam Lewis – Muffin’s elder brother.
  • Rudy – Morgan Gayle – Called a cockatoo in the program, but looks like a Cockatiel, Samuel’s best friend. She wears a bracelet of colored stones on her ankle.
  • Quinn – Preston Nyman – a puffin, works as an inventor; appears to be a teenager.
  • Mr Beakman – Michael Fenton Stevens – the children’s teacher, a wise toucan who frequently acts as the voice of parental authority.
  • Missy – Charlotte Leslie-Cameron – a French Great Blue Turaco.
  • Mrs Billingsley – Anna Nygh – a gardening kiwi with a New Zealand accent.

The pictures of the 3rd & Bird characters.

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Please click here for The CAL Part 2

Written and illustrated by Ahmad Ali



One upon a time, there was a griffin, a lion and a chipmunk.

The griffin’s name was Meranda.


Lia was the lion’s name.


And the chipmunk was named Bek.


They were known as The CAL.

Meranda vote for Chelsea and Liverpool was what Lia vote for.

Chelsea Logo
Liverpool Logo

But Bek didn’t know which football club to vote, so Meranda  gave the letter A, and Lia gave the letter L.

Bek got an idea.

He vote for Arsenal; which started by the letter A and ended by the letter L.

Arsenal Logo

That was why they called their rescue club, ‘The CAL’.

But only the three of them knew why the club was named The CAL.

One day they met a beaman named Tovilla.

Tovilla the Beaman.

A beaman was an animal with a human head and legs and a body and hands of a bear.

The next day, The CAL had a mission to defend Calovinia from Arguay.

To be Continued