Beautiful View From Bukit Puteri

The Kuala Terengganu Post Office and a part of Terengganu River can be seen from the Bukit Puteri.

I visited the Bukit Puteri the last time we went back to Kuala Terengganu.

It is a very beautiful place to visit >>>please click here for ‘Visiting The Bukit Puteri’ <<<

We can see beautiful views of Kuala Terengganu and the Terengganu River from the hill.

Another beautiful view of the Terengganu River.
Another side of the Terengganu River.
The jetty where we can board a boat to travel to beautiful islands around Terengganu.

Visiting The ‘Bukit Puteri’

From left are my big sisters Kashah, Kafah, me and Kaman in front of the Bukit Puteri.

Bukit Puteri is a 208-metre hill facing the Terengganu River.

‘Bukit’ means hill and ‘puteri’ means princess.

It was formerly a fortress between 1831 and 1876.

It is a very beautiful place.

Uncle Hulaimi or Awang Goneng wrote a lot about Bukit Puteri  in his books, ‘Growing Up In Trengganu’ and ‘A Map Of Trengganu’.

Climbing up the stairs to the hill top.
On the way to the top of the hill.
First we reached the site of 'Meriam Beranak' or the 'Cannon That Give Birth'.
The 'Meriam Beranak'; the mother and the baby cannon.
Then we saw another cannon.
Next we visited the 'Pondok Genta' or the 'The Bell's Hut'. Inside the hut is the historic 'Genta' or 'The Bell'.
The Genta or the bell.
This is the large brass bell known as the ‘Genta’. It was struck during emergencies as well as during important festivals and royal events. Uncle Hulaimi wrote about the 'Genta' in his books.
Then we climbed up the stairs to the fortress.
The fortress.
My siblings and I in front of the fortress.
We saw the throne once we entered the fortress.
Behind the throne is the 'Gun Powder Hole'.
On the left is the throne and on the right is another cannon. This must be the place where the archers be during the wars.
The lighthouse.
The lighthouse is on the hill top.
Going down the hill.

A Dinner At Uncle Fauzan’s House

Last month, Uncle Fauzan invited us for dinner at his house in Kuala Terengganu.

He is my father’s good friend.

He is a flight instructor for KIST Aviation Academy (KISTAA).

Uncle Fauzan (standing on the left) in a photo from the KISTAA website.

We ate delicious mandi with hummus and salad that Uncle Fauzan cooked for us.

Mandi (Arabic: المندي‎) is the traditional dish of Yemen.

Uncle Fauzan cooked all these delicious food by himself.
The rice is really delicious too.

Uncle Fauzan is a very good cook.

I love to play the drums set and the guitar whenever we visited his house.

He has a set of drums, some keyboards, some guitars and other musical instruments.

Uncle Fauzan can play all kinds of musical instruments.

The best part of my visit was trying the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It was really fun when I’m controlling my flight so that it won’t hit the trees or falling into the sea :mrgreen:

It was very late when we went home 🙂

I'm trying hard to control my 'plane'.

A Wonderful House By The Beach

At the gate infront of Ki Hassan's house. From the left is my big sisters Kaman, Kashah, my mother, nenek, me, Ki Hassan and my sister Kafah.

Last two weeks, I went to Ki Hassan’s house.

Enjoying ourselves at Ki Hassan's house.

Ki Hassan’s name is Hassan A. Karim.

He is my grandfather’s cousin.

Ki Hassan is a good man.

He teaches the students around the area for free.

He is also a blogger, please click here for his blog >>><<<

His house is by the beach in Mengabang Telipot, near Kuala Terengganu.

We played in the large backyard facing the beach.

Pretending going home from the camp.
From the front is Kashah, me and Kafah.

The drink was very delicious and I ate my favorite snack, ‘kerepek bawang’.

I really had a wonderful time over there.

Playing on the swing with my big sister, Kafah.

New Mosque In Taman Jaya, Jalan Pusara Opened For Friday Prayer

On 29th July 2011, I went to the Taman Jaya Mosque in Jalan Pusara, Kuala Terengganu for a Friday Prayer.

That Friday was the first Friday when people can perform their Friday Prayers at the mosque. 

I walked to the mosque with my father since it is near my grandmother’s house 🙂 🙂 🙂

It is a beautiful new mosque.

My father took some pictures of the mosque after our prayers. 

I'm walking to the mosque.
I'm standing outside of the mosque.
Another view of the mosque.
I enter the mosque.
The prayer hall.
Side entrance and prayer clock.
The main entrance hall.
The picture of the dome from inside.
Interesting patterns and colors that match the color of the carpet outside the mosque also provides a comfortable environment to worship rituals celebrated in conjunction with the surrounding population tarawih.
The sign by the gate of the mosque has not been written and I don't know the officiate name of the mosque yet.
View from Jalan Pusara as I walked from my grandmother's house.

Scenic Views Of The Taiping Lake Gardens(Taman Tasik Taiping)

One of the beautiful trees at the lake garden with branches grow towards the water.

On the 18th July, I visited the Taiping Lake Garden ( Taman Tasik Taiping ) in Perak on the way back to KL from Butterworth, Penang.

The place is very, very, very beautiful.

The Taiping Lake Gardens is the first public garden established during British rule in Malaysia.

They started to plant the garden with grasses, flowers and trees in 1884.

Now there are many beautiful big, old trees along the road in the garden.

When we drove pass, I fell like going into a tree tunnel 😉

All of the trees are more than 100 years old.

Lots of the branches of the huge trees bend towards the lake and their leaves touch the water 🙂

The tree tunnel. Some of the leaves of the second tree in the row touch the water.
The branches of the tree across the road bend towards the lake.
A nice place in the garden.
Another tree tunnel.
The beautiful garden is full of beautiful old trees around the lakes.
More beautiful view of the lake garden.
The branches of this beautiful tree arch towards the lake.
Another part of the tree tunnel.

I wish that I can go there again and stay at the hotel around the park so that I can spend more time watching and make drawings of the trees 🙂

I also wish to visit the ‘Night Safari’ at the Taiping Zoo near the lake garden and visit the Bukit Larut(Maxwell Hill)

Dinner At ‘Aziz Mee Pak Ngah Sg2′(Part 2)

In the evening we drove to Sungai Dua again for our dinner at ‘Aziz Mee Pak Ngah Sg2‘ restaurant(please click here).

My parents wanted to try ‘mee udang‘(prawn noodle) at another restaurant :mrgreen:

The ‘mee udang‘ has more prawns than the ones at the Restoran Aur Gading(please click here), but the prawns are much, much smaller.

My parents said that the ‘mee udang‘ at the Restoran Aur Gading is much more delicious.

Anyway the ‘mee udang‘ in this restaurant is much cheaper than the ones at the Restoran Aur Gading.

'Mee Udang Sungai Dua' at Aziz Mee Pak Ngah Sg2 restaurant. A plate of 'mee udang' is RM7.50.

My sisters ordered ‘kuey teow goreng‘ and I ordered ‘kuey teow sup‘.

There are lots of vegetables and beef slices in the soup.

Anyway some of the beef slices are too hard to chew 🙂

This ‘kuey teow sup‘ is much, much more delicious than the ‘kuey teow sup‘ at the Restoran Aur Gading.

I can't wait to eat my tasty 'kuey teow sup'.

My sisters said that their ‘kuey teow goreng‘ are tastier that the ones at the Restoran Aur Gading too 😉

There is a huge paddy field across the road facing the restaurant.

It is very, very beautiful.

The paddy field facing the restaurant.

The sky was very beautiful when we were about to go back to our hotel.

The very beautiful scenery across the road from the restaurant.

This restaurant is very hot at noon so, better come here in the evening 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Delicious ‘Original’ Mee Udang Sungai Dua(Part 1)

‘Mee Udang Sungai Dua'(please click here) is very popular in Penang and there are lots of ‘mee udang'(prawn noodle) restaurants in Sungai Dua.

Sungai Dua is in Butterworth, Penang(please click here).

Last week, Pak Cik Burhan(please click here) showed us a restaurant that he said is the original restaurant selling very delicious ‘mee udang’ in Sungai Dua.

The name of the restaurant is ‘Restoran Aur Gading’.

Restoran Aur Gading, Sungai Dua.

The restaurant is by a river and we can see the river while eating.

I saw some people fishing by the river.

A fishing rod by the river.

The place is beautiful and there are lots of trees around the restaurant.

We can see the river from our table.

Pak Cik Burhan and my parents ordered the ‘mee udang’.

My parent enjoyed the ‘mee udang’ very much!

They said that the ‘mee udang’ is very, very tasty but I think it is too hot 😉

A plate of yummy half eaten 'mee udang'. Three plates of the tasty 'mee udang' is RM41.60.

My sisters ordered ‘kuey teow goreng'(fried flat noodle).

A plate of 'kuey teow goreng'; my mother said it is 'mamak' styled .

I ordered ‘kuey teow sup'(flat noodle in clear soup) 🙂

The ‘kuey teows’ are not that tasty but the ‘mee udang’ are really good.

So, if you want a delicious ‘Mee Udang Sungai Dua’, you can visit this restaurant.

Catching A Feather

Have you ever catch a feather from a flying bird?

I caught one on July 17, 2011 on the field in front of the Dato’ Haji Ahmad Badawi in Butterworth, Penang.

I walked across the field with my father to take some photos of me standing in front of a SEMAIAN banner (please click here).

I am standing at the end of the big field in front of the Dewan Dato' Haji Ahmad Badawi, Penang. Across the road is the Butterworth Palm Inn Hotel.

As we walked back to the Dato’ Haji Ahmad Badawi Hall, we saw some pigeons on the field.

Some of the pigeons on the field.

So I walked slowly towards them as not to scare the pigeons.

I walk slowly to the pigeons...

But they flew away…

Suddenly, one of pigeon’s feather flew out of it’s wings.

It flew in the air.

I ran after it and I caught it before it falls to the ground :mrgreen:

The first feather that I caught from a flying bird.

And I took the feather back to Kuala Lumpur 😉

A Surprise Durian Party

I am standing in front the field facing the Dato' Haji Ahmad Badawi Hall.

On Sunday, July 17, 2011 we had a wonderful durian party at Dato’ Haji Ahmad Badawi Hall, in Butterworth, Penang.

The party started after the seminar(SEMAIAN) that we attended at the hall.

We were going back to the hotel when the uncles from ‘GABUNGAN’ brought us a very big bag of durians.

They said the durians were from orchards in Balik Pulau where the best durians from Penang come from.

The durians were very sweet and tasty.

We had the party outside the seminar room, facing a nice green field, full of pigeons. 

It was the best durian party that I ever had :mrgreen:

To eat the durians, we must first open the fruits 🙂

Pak Cik Burhan is trying had to open a durian..
Mmm...tasty and sweet. I am eating durian..
I(middle) was enjoing durian with my father(L) and Pak Cik Burhan(R).
"Where is my durian?", asked my sad sister Kafah. From left is my mother, Kafah, my father, me and Pak Cik Burhan. Everybody are enjoing tasty durian; except Kafah...