An Exciting Day

Sunday, August 2, 2012 was a very exciting day. First I attended Uncle Datuk Kamaruddin Mohd Nor’s open house. Uncle Kamaruddin is a politician, he used to be the Pasir Puteh’s assemblyman. Over there I met Uncle Datuk Rameli Musa and his wife. I ate very tasty roti jala with curry and my parents said that the … Continue reading “An Exciting Day”

Reciting Yaasin at MUAFAKAT 5th AGM

Yesterday morning I went to IIUM or UIAM in Gombak. IIUM means International Islamic University of Malaysia. UIAM  means Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia. I went there for the MUAFAKAT 5th AGM. AGM means Annual General Meeting. I recite Surah Yaasin verse 1 to 10 at the start of the program. The Surah Yaasin is the … Continue reading “Reciting Yaasin at MUAFAKAT 5th AGM”