Himpunan BLACKOUT 505: A “Peaceful Demonstration”?

Malaysian’s 13th General Election is over but the opposition parties in Pakatan Rakyat who lost the election wants to use street demonstrations, violence and other illegal ways to topple the legal government. Today Pakatan Rakyat will stage another illegal demonstration against the 13th General Election’s results, called BLACKOUT 505. The demonstration is against the law because it … Continue reading “Himpunan BLACKOUT 505: A “Peaceful Demonstration”?”

Deadly Flood And Mudslide In Brazil-Photos

Heavy rains caused deadly floods and mudslides in Brazil. At least 270 people were killed and lots of people are missing. 257 people were killed in several mountain towns near Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday. The rains caused flood and mudslide that swept the villages. Some families were buried as they slept. And in Sao … Continue reading “Deadly Flood And Mudslide In Brazil-Photos”

Pictures of 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony

2012 Olympics Bids Farewell The London 2012 Olympics had came to an end, And the grand closing ceremony had said the end, But more games will be waiting for you in Rio …  Don’t forget to watch the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Please click here for, ‘Photos Of London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony’. Please click here … Continue reading “Pictures of 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony”