BTN ‘Ultra Malay racist’?

I’ve attended several BTN programs with my father and I do not find BTN speakers being racist or trying to spew hatred towards others as claimed by G25 as reported on the Malay Mail Online. Instead BTN programs give awareness about the importance of having integrity, dignity and being patriotic to our beloved country. Below … Continue reading “BTN ‘Ultra Malay racist’?”

Is Muhyiddin Racist?

Please watch the video of Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s speech on Article 10 of the Federal Constitution : “Muhyiddin: Tiada Pihak Boleh Persoalkan Pembentukan Negara Malaysia (Video)”. The opposition parties are very busy complaining about everything that they can think of instead of working to solve the problems in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan. Now they and some human rights … Continue reading “Is Muhyiddin Racist?”

Who Is Racist?

Who are actually racists? Below are some tweets by Pakatan Rakyat’s DAP Hannah Yeoh:  (Image credit to (Image credit to (Image credit to (Image credit to Pakatan Rakyat, an unregistered political alliance whose leaders and supporters always accuse UMNO as racist may not be too happy after BN announced Datin Paduka Chew … Continue reading “Who Is Racist?”

Teresa Kok’s ONEderful Malaysia: Is Tan Keng Liang A Racist?

DAP’s Teresa Kok’s ONEderful Malaysia Chinese New Year video, was said to be racist and humiliate the Malaysian leaders, the Malays and Sabahans. A lot of people complained about it and police reports were made against Teresa Kok. The Star reported that,”Police have opened an investigation paper on Teresa Kok regarding her video clip, which is … Continue reading “Teresa Kok’s ONEderful Malaysia: Is Tan Keng Liang A Racist?”

Titah Sultan Selangor yang patut kita amati

SHAH ALAM 29 Mei – Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah menzahirkan rasa dukacita dengan gejala dan masalah perpecahan dalam kalangan orang Melayu yang kini telah sampai ke tahap amat merisaukan. Baginda bertitah perpecahan itu dilihat begitu teruk sekali terutamanya apabila wujud banyak kumpulan kononnya berjuang atas dasar kepentingan orang Melayu namun bertambah buruk apabila … Continue reading “Titah Sultan Selangor yang patut kita amati”

Institusi Agama Fitnah G25 & Shad Faruqi? Biar Betul!

Is this merely a very foolish mistake or is it another spiteful spin with the intention to detriment the good name of Islamic agencies? In an article, “Religious radicalism on the rise” published by The Star on November 23, 2007, Emeritus Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi made another attack on JAKIM before focusing its attack on another Islamic agency, … Continue reading “Institusi Agama Fitnah G25 & Shad Faruqi? Biar Betul!”

G25 Yang Terlalu Keliru

Saya amat tertarik membaca tajuk tulisan G25 yang disiarkan oleh  Free Malaysia Today (FMT), namun saya hairan kenapa G25 menggunakan ungkapan ‘place of pride’ sedangkan ungkapan yang betul dan tepat ialah “pride of place”, jika apa yang cuba G25 gambarkan dengan ungkapan itu ialah ‘mempunyai tempat yang penting dan istimewa’. Menariknya kini G25 mengakui bahawa Islam adalah agama … Continue reading “G25 Yang Terlalu Keliru”

Apakah Ini Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Islam?

As I wrote in, “Tun Dr Mahathir (Tun M), From A Statesman To A Street Demonstrator”, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, who was once admired as a statesman, a nationalist and a man of principle has turned into an anti-government street demonstrator after he left UMNO. Now, it seems like Tun M, whom by now … Continue reading “Apakah Ini Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Islam?”

A Seditious Article From FMT

In a recent article posted by Free Malaysia Today (FMT), the author, an FMT reader, Ravinder Singh hit out at the Concerned Lawyers for Justice’s Aidil Khalid for his view on the vernacular schools. In his article, “Unity has its roots in the people’s hearts”, Ravinder not only undermines and questions the use of the Bahasa … Continue reading “A Seditious Article From FMT”

TANJAK – Young blogger expects senior leaders to understand constitution

Last week, news portal, Tanjak contacted me for my reaction towards the baseless and bias comments made by Lim Guan Eng and his supporters in order to ridicule my ability and knowledge on the matters concerning my November 23, 2016 police report against LGE. Below is the article taken from Tanjak regarding this matter. Prominent … Continue reading “TANJAK – Young blogger expects senior leaders to understand constitution”