Is The Government Or Anwar Ibrahim In The State Of Paranoia?

19 01 2015


Anwar Ibrahim made the above press statement in reference to Eric Paulsen’s arrest for his spiteful  tweet that maliciously accused JAKIM for promoting extremism every Friday.

Reading Anwar Ibrahim’s statement makes me feel so irate because he had gone too far to politise and sensationalise this issue and maliciously condemning JAKIM, the authority and the government.

It is a defamatory attempt to disrepute the Islamic authorities and the Malaysian government.

Calling the government as “a government in a state of paranoia” is just like calling the Malaysian Muslims who are angry and hurt by Eric Paulsen’s series of humiliating and spiteful tweets as also being in the state of paranoia.

So now Anwar is trying to say that the people who are doing their best to protect peace and harmony and prevent hatred between the multiracial Malaysians are paranoid?

Or could it be that it is Anwar himself who is paranoid because he is too troubled by all the problems that he’s facing?

Anwar wrote that Eric Paulsen did no offense by tweeting his spiteful tweet, when Eric Paulsen not only made false and wild accusation towards JAKIM but indirectly humiliates Islam and spews hatred towards the Muslims who support JAKIM.

Anwar wtote:

“… the over-reaction to Paulsen’s tweet also signifies the rising tide of religious intolerance that appears to be engulfing our multi-racial multi-religious nation. And fanning the flames of communal suspicion, hatred and hostility are the usual suspects who owe their existence to political patronage.”

Anwar accused the authority for “over-reaction to Paulsen’s tweet”, so my questions are:

  1. What kind of tolerance does Anwar Ibrahim ask from the Muslims? Is Anwar asking the Muslims to become ‘Liberal Muslims’ who do not follow the rules of Islam, do not fight for Islam and do not bother if others humiliate Islam?

  2. Who is actually “fanning the flames of communal suspicion, hatred and hostility”? Isn’t it Eric Paulsen who did that by maliciously accusing JAKIM as promoting extremism in its Friday sermons and continuously humiliate Islam and the Muslims in his other tweets?

Anwar is actually looking for trouble and is spewing hatred by making such statement; and if the government is really “in a state of paranoia” as accused by him, he would already be charged in court.

I seriously wonder, how can Anwar Ibrahim, a person who used to be regarded as a great Muslim political leader, has the heart not only to support those who defame Islam but also to defame Islam and the Muslims in order to support them.

He wrote that, “Jakim sermons have on various occasions made unwarranted attacks”, which is untrue and humiliates Islam because what ever was said in JAKIM’s Friday sermons are in accordance with the teaching of Islam Ahli As-Sunnah Wa Al-Jama`ah.

Anwar Ibrahim must sit down and think back of the things that he had said during the time when he was the president of ABIM and realise that the Malaysian Muslims are not Liberal Muslims because Liberal Muslims do not follow the teaching of Islam.

Even Pope Francis says there are limits to freedom of speech and that, “One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.” 

Remember what Karpal Singh once said? “Anwar Ibrahim has created enough problems for the country. Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat”.


Beranikah Tun M Menjawab 8 Soalan Ini?

22 09 2017

Hari ini Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (Tun M) ialah pengerusi gabungan pembangkang yang memperjuangkan ideologi yang jelas bertentangan dengan dasar pemerintahannya dahulu dan diketuai oleh orang-orang yang pernah menjadi musuh-musuh ketatnya seperti Lim Kit Siang?

Oleh itu rakyat Malaysia berhak mendapat jawaban daripada Tun M tentang dasar yang akan di bawanya kelak kerana Tun M sekarang bukan lagi Tun yang dahulu.

  1. Masihkah Tun M berani menegakkan fakta bahawa Malaysia ialah sebuah negara Islam?
  2. Adakah Perjanjian DAP, PKR, PAN, PPBM mahu meminda Perkara 3(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan?
  3. Tun M mengambil bahagian dalam Himpunan Wanita #BantahPolitikToksik yang jelas mempromosikan agenda liberal yang bertentangan dengan Islam; apakah itu dasar sebenar perjuangan Tun M?
  4. Dimana perginya prinsip dan jati diri Tun M, apabila Tun membuat perkara-perkara yang bertentangan dengan prinsip Tun sebelum ini?
  5. Apakah sebab sebenar Tun M memecat Anwar Ibrahim daripada jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri?
  6. Tun M mahu membentuk kerajaan bersama parti-parti sekular; apakah ini bermakna Tun M bersetuju dengan dasar negara sekular DAP dan PKR?
  7. Kenapakah Tun M mahu menjatuhkan sebuah kerajaan Islam yang berusaha memperkasakan dan medaultatkan Islam di bumi ini dan menyokong parti yang menentang dasar Islam?
  8. Apakah dasar perjuangan demi Melayu dan Islam yang pernah Tun bawa dahulu hanyalah bersifat pura-pura?

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Tian Chua Menipu Lagi?

13 03 2015

On March 9, a Free Anwar petition entitled, “Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for US policy toward Malaysia” was removed from the White House portal.

In response to the matter, PKR Vice President, Tian Chua tweeted as below, blaming the Malaysian government for the removal of the petition.

Tian Chua

On March 10, the petition was restored, and Astro Awani published an official statement from the U.S. Embassy statement saying:

“On March 9, White House standard fraud checks indicated a high number of anomalous signatures on a petition related to the imprisonment of de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

There were multiple petitions related to this issue, and after follow-up assessment, the White House determined that the petition it removed was not the one that contained fraudulent signatures.

To account for the error, the White House has since re-enabled the petition titled “Make the Release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from Prison a Top Priority for U.S. Policy toward Malaysia,” and is extending the deadline to account for the time lost while the petition was disabled.

No signatures were removed.”

Has Tian Chua admitted that he was wrong and apologises to the Malaysian government for wrongly blaming the government?

No, as always, he did not; in fact, this is not the first time he made such wild accusation towards the government of Malaysia.

This is another defamatory attempt to disrepute the government of Malaysia by Tian Chua.

Karpal Singh once said that, “Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat”; so Tian Chua must repent and stop sending spiteful tweets or making malicious allegations towards the government.

Pakatan Is Selling Off Malaysia For Anwar?

15 02 2015

The Malaysian Insider, 11 February 2015 10:41 PM

In his article, “Pakatan Willing To Sell Off Nation For Anwar”, Hafidz Baharom wrote how the opposition parties are willing to even sacrifice the nation, just to release their leader, Anwar Ibrahim from jail.

I’m not a fan of Hafidz Baharom; in fact I’ve never agree with his opinions, so the article above really surprised me.

He started his article with:

“It is disappointing to see that the only agenda the Pakatan Rakyat parties and supporters have a care for is the immediate release of their leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, even to the point of willing to barter away our sovereignty.” – TMI

Hafidz Baharom then asked;

“…is one person really worth sacrificing the entire nation for?” – TMI

Of course NOT!

Hafidz Baharom also wrote:

“With Pakatan promoting this petition to its supporters, allow me to ask this; what if the US puts forward trade sanctions on Malaysia? Think about it.” – TMI

But again, maybe that is what the opposition leaders want – for the US to “put forward trade sanctions on Malaysia”, so that they can blame the whole thing on the government, and call for the people to topple the government even though it’s them who cause that to happen.

Hafidz Baharom also wrote about the opposition leaders:

“So congratulations to them on finally showing their political stripes and just how far they are willing to sell out the people they vowed to defend.” – TMI

I really hope that more people can see the true colours of the leaders and can see that they do not care about the people and that they are willing to sell of the sovereignty our country for their own agendas.

“Malaysians should not unwittingly support something so blindly.” – Hafidz Baharom (TMI)

Most Malaysians are tired of Anwar and his ‘Reformasi’, and opposition parties’ supporters must remember that they must “not unwittingly support something so blindly.”

It seems like PKR is only all about Anwar Ibrahim and his family.

I want to congratulate Hafidz Baharom for being brave enough to be honest and not spinning facts but his boss might not be very happy with him.

Anyway, I’m not surprise if Hafidz Baharom will soon be writing another article that he has change his mind and that he supports the petition to force the Malaysian government to free Anwar Ibrahim.

Please click here to Say That You Respect The Sovereignty of Malaysia.

Charlie Hebdo’s Idea Of Freedom of Religion And Freedom Of Speech

22 01 2015

“Every time we draw a cartoon of Mohammed, every time we draw a cartoon of prophets, every time we draw a cartoon of God, we defend the freedom of religion,” – Gérard Biard,.

Firstly as a Muslim, I do not support the mass shooting at Charlie Hebdo’s office and it must not been done in the name of Islam because it is wrong according to the teaching of Islam Ahli As-Sunnah Wa Al-Jama`ah, as what we practise in Malaysia.

Now, it is always interesting to see how people interpret freedom of speech and freedom of religion and use them for their own agendas.

I do not understand why humiliating and disgracing religions can be regarded as defending freedom of religion.

Freedom of religion means the rights for everybody to manifest his or her religion in teaching, practice, worship, and observance; and not the rights for everybody to insult religions.

So people who support freedom of religion must respect these rights and not the other way around.

When one make fun and disgraces a religion, the person no longer respect the rights of the believers of that religion; hence there is no more freedom of religion.

Then talking about freedom of expression and freedom of speech, some people believe in total freedom and that they have the rights to do anything or say anything they like, including to purposely hurting or insulting others and there is no limit to how far they can go.

I cannot comment about the French law regarding freedom of expression and freedom of speech because I do not know about the constitution of the country; however as a civilised and responsible person I think that it is weird to purposely make fun and insult religion just because the law allows one to do so.

Just because my mother bought me a big box of my favourite chocolate, it does not mean that I should eat them all at once, because that will not be healthy; and so I must think before I do something.

In Malaysia, there is a limit to freedom of expression and freedom of speech as written in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia and making fun of other religions is against the teaching of Islam.

It is a good thing because we must learn to respect each other and while some people love to insult others, most of them do not like to be insulted in return.

And while the supporters of Charlie Hebdo want others to respect their freedom of expression and freedom of speech, they themselves cannot respect the freedom of expression and freedom of speech of others.

They slam Pope Francis for saying:

“There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity … in freedom of expression there are limits,” and that “one cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”

And Gérard Biard denounced the Western publications that have declined to reprint his paper’s controversial cartoons, he told NBC that:

“When they refuse to publish this cartoon, when they blur it out, when they decline to publish it, they blur out democracy.”

Isn’t democracy means the right for everybody to choose what we want?

So if Gérard Biard and his supporters believe in democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of speech, they must not slam the Pope and those publications for not following their ideas.

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