Junk Food And Bad Food During Eid

Junk food is not good. Bad food is not good too. Junk food is worse than bad food because they are useless. Bad food are food that has too much sugar, salt and fat. Bad food has artificial colouring, flavouring and trans-fat. There are lots of junk food and bad food during Eid. I tried … Continue reading “Junk Food And Bad Food During Eid”

Junk Food

Junk food is bad food. Junk food is not healthy. Junk food can make us sick. Junk food has lots of sugar and bad for our teeth. And junk food has colouring too. Colouring can make us sick. Some colourings gives me allergy. Junk food has bad oil and fat. Bad oil and fat make … Continue reading “Junk Food”

Healthy Food

I like to eat healthy food because they are good, not like junk food. My family likes to eat healthy food too. My cousin likes to eat junk food but junk food is bad. Healthy food makes us healthy and strong. Rice, noodle, chicken, fish, milk, vegetable and fruits are healthy food. I drink milk … Continue reading “Healthy Food”

:) Weddings (:

Yesterday I went to two weddings. First I went to Uncle Amrahi’s house in  Keramat. It  was Uncle Amrahi’s daughter’s wedding. Uncle Amrahi is a Silat Cekak Hanafi’s instructor. I ate rice with  beef and ice-cream at the wedding. They were very tasty. I met Uncle Amrahi, Auntie Faudziah and Uncle Amrahi‘s brother, Pak Long … Continue reading “:) Weddings (:”

Good Practice And Bad Practice

Good practice are doing good things. Good practice are: Solat/praying. Studying. Working. Eating healthy food. Reading the Al-Quran. Reading good books. Make ourselves good. Help others to become good. To keep the world clean and beautiful, pleasing to Allah. Writing good blog. Bad practice are doing bad things. Bad practice are: Eating junk food. Kicking … Continue reading “Good Practice And Bad Practice”

Delicious Strawberry Yoghurt Drink Recipe-With Pictures

Last week my mother bought lots of sweet and juicy ripe strawberries. She made our favourite strawberry yoghurt drink. The drink was so tasty. It is a very healthy drink because the strawberries  are rich in vitamin C, fiber, antioxidant and lots of minerals. Yoghurt has lots of good bacteria called probiotic, minerals and vitamins. … Continue reading “Delicious Strawberry Yoghurt Drink Recipe-With Pictures”

How To Make Roselle Juice

This is how we make our yummy roselle juice from my own roselle plants: First we need to plant the roselle from roselle seeds. Small roselle plant Then we need to wait for a few months until it grow bigger and bigger. After a few month, the roselle starts to have flowers. Later they become … Continue reading “How To Make Roselle Juice”