Himpunan BLACKOUT 505: A “Peaceful Demonstration”?

Malaysian’s 13th General Election is over but the opposition parties in Pakatan Rakyat who lost the election wants to use street demonstrations, violence and other illegal ways to topple the legal government. Today Pakatan Rakyat will stage another illegal demonstration against the 13th General Election’s results, called BLACKOUT 505. The demonstration is against the law because it … Continue reading “Himpunan BLACKOUT 505: A “Peaceful Demonstration”?”

Singapore Warns Malaysian Politicians Not To Interfere In Its Domestic Affairs

The Star reported that Singapore warns Malaysian politicians not to interfere in its domestic affairs. In the article, DAP’s Kulai MP, Teo Nie Ching argued that “the person she was fighting for was unfairly punished” by Singapore, adding: “It’s not that we want to interfere with (Singapore’s) internal affairs. If (the one person) only attended … Continue reading “Singapore Warns Malaysian Politicians Not To Interfere In Its Domestic Affairs”

Reaksi Jurucakap G25 Terhadap Bersih 4 Menyedihkan

The Malaysian Insider (TMI) reported that the liberal Muslim group, G25 spokesperson was upset about Najib’s reaction to Bersih 4.0. As a Muslim, I am sad to see Muslims being unfair to themselves to support an illegal group that is against Islam as the religion of the Federation as written in Article 3(1) of the … Continue reading “Reaksi Jurucakap G25 Terhadap Bersih 4 Menyedihkan”