Photos: Germany’s 7-1 Humiliation of Brazil

Germany defeated Brazil in the first semi-final of the FIFA World Cup 2014 by 6 goals difference. It was the biggest win for any team in this year’s FIFA, beating Netherland’s record of 4 goals difference. Muller was the one who took Germany on the lead when scoring a goal at the 11th minute. After … Continue reading “Photos: Germany’s 7-1 Humiliation of Brazil”

Fishing For Arapaima, Brazil’s Living Fossil – Photos

Fishing for a living fossil? Reuters reported that a type of fish named arapaima or pirarucu is considered by biologists to be a living fossil. Arapaima is the largest freshwater fish species in South America and one of the largest in the world, Catching the arapaima, a fish that is sought after for its meat, is only … Continue reading “Fishing For Arapaima, Brazil’s Living Fossil – Photos”

Plane Crashes, Explodes In Brazil, Kills 16

Yesterday at Sao Paulo, Brazil an airplane crashed and exploded shortly after take-off. The plane was flying to the city of Natal from the city of the Recife in Brazil. The Air Force said that the plane that crashed was a Noar Airlines’s L-410. This is a disaster. The disaster killed all the 16 people … Continue reading “Plane Crashes, Explodes In Brazil, Kills 16”

Deadly Flood And Mudslide In Brazil-Photos

Heavy rains caused deadly floods and mudslides in Brazil. At least 270 people were killed and lots of people are missing. 257 people were killed in several mountain towns near Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday. The rains caused flood and mudslide that swept the villages. Some families were buried as they slept. And in Sao … Continue reading “Deadly Flood And Mudslide In Brazil-Photos”

Flood In Brazil-Photos

Heavy rains in northeastern Brazil caused torrential floods. Brazil is in South America. There were heavy rains in Central America too. At least 44 people were killed and hundreds of people are still missing. The flood damaged roads, bridges, rail tracks and buildings. The entire town of Branquinha is badly damaged by the flood. Below … Continue reading “Flood In Brazil-Photos”

In Photos: South America Hit By Severe Flooding

More than 100,000 people have had to evacuate from their homes in the bordering areas of Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina due to severe flooding in the wake of heavy summer rains brought on by El Niño, authorities said on Saturday. In the worse affected country, Paraguay, around 90,000 people in the area around the … Continue reading “In Photos: South America Hit By Severe Flooding”

Blood Moon: 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse

Around 5 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on Tuesday, people across two continents tried their best to witness and take photos of the first total Lunar Eclipse in 2014. This is the first total Lunar Eclipse since December 10, 2011 and the first in the north hemisphere since December 21, 2010. Cameramen took their chances to take … Continue reading “Blood Moon: 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse”

Photos: Breathtaking World Heritage Sites

Iguacu Falls Iguacu Falls. (Photo Credit: Dmitry V. Petrenko/Shutterstock) At 490 feet wide and nearly 3000 feet long, Iguaçu Falls is filled with falls of every size and intensity, most notably Devil’s Throat, where water drops from a height of 270 feet. With the highest flow of water on record, Iguaçu easily topples its equally … Continue reading “Photos: Breathtaking World Heritage Sites”

Shocking Video Of Giant Sinkhole Swallowing Houses In Rio Slum

Mail Online reported that: “Residents in a town in the north of Brazil screamed in horror as they watched their homes disappear into massive sink holes on the weekend. “ The CCTV footage below shows how a giant sinkhole, which is reportedly caused by water erosion, opened up and swallowed house after house the city … Continue reading “Shocking Video Of Giant Sinkhole Swallowing Houses In Rio Slum”

25th National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Winners

    The 25th National Geographic Travel Photo Contest’s winners had been announced! (Please click here for: ‘2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest’) National Geographic Traveler magazine received more than 15,500 entries from skilled photographers from around the world for its 25th annual photo contest. Taken in locations from Brazil to Kenya, the winning pictures show everything … Continue reading “25th National Geographic Travel Photo Contest Winners”