Ku Li, the Best Choice for Our Nation?

The news report stating UMNO Gua Musang MP, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was spotted around Istana Negara this morning excited many, as people are wondering about the future of Malaysia due to the recent governmental crisis.

The matter was reported by The Star Online, through their Twitter account, stating that Attorney General Tan Sri Tommy Thomas and Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat were also seen entering the palace.

This sparked speculations on the question of if Tengku Razaleigh will be elected as our new Prime Minister.

Malaysia has had enough of politicking as well as political and economic scandals, in fact, those are among the many reasons why the people are unhappy with the Pakatan Harapan government which ironically won the previous General Election over the allegations of Najib Razak being involved in the 1MDB financial scandal.

Even Tun Dr Mahathir who was once hailed by the Pakatan Harapan supporters, was later opposed by many of his supporters.

We seek a trusted candidate with high dignity and also clean from both corruptions and scandals to lead the nation.

We need a person who would bring a breath of fresh air to our country, capable to revive our dire state of economy and unite the now divided nation.

As a young and amateur political observer, I’ve been studying Tengku Razaleigh’s political career throughout the years as he has been one of the leaders of my respect.

Back in mid-2018 when UMNO was having a party election, we saw three main candidates for the UMNO presidency, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, YB Khairy Jamaluddin and Tengku Razaleigh.

I wrote in my personal blog regarding the matter clarifying why Tengku Razaleigh should be elected.

As a person of vast experience and accomplishment, I believe he is the best candidate for the position to lead the opposition in the battle for Putrajaya.

Tengku Razaleigh is known to many as a great leader and a man of principle, respected by friends and foes alike.

For 46 years, he has served Gua Musang, and to this day he still wins the hearts of his voters.

On the national level, as the Minister of Finance and later the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Tengku Razaleigh contributed to the development of our nation through the foundation of PETRONAS, Bank Bumiputera Malaysia Berhad, Perbadanan Nasional Berhad and countless others.

Internationally, Tengku Razaleigh is well-honoured and respected by the world leaders for his excellent drive and contribution to the economy.

He held important positions across the globe stretching from Brunei to Saudi Arabia, as well as a Chairman at World Bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Tengku Razaleigh is a man of no-nonsense and a true statesman who is committed to serving the country and the people.

It is a known secret that Tengku once selflessly declined the position of the Deputy Prime Minister to focus on building the country’s economy, especially in the setup of PETRONAS.

As the result of his commitment, our national economy boomed during his era, thus he was named the Father of Malaysian Economy, first among non-Prime Ministers to receive such a title.

I truly believe that this calls for the return of the statesman who would have been the Prime Minister a long time ago, but was selfless enough to reject that opportunity of a lifetime.

Malaysia requires a relief; we need a leader of integrity who can rebuild the broken nation.

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

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