Photos – Age of Empires II Remastered in Lego Pieces

The Age of Empires RTS game franchise is known for its evergreen high-quality history-based games, that is known across the world especially in the gaming communities. Recognised especially for the iconic award-winning Age of Empires II, the 22-year old franchise has stood the test of time and is still ongoing with the upcoming release of its fourth instalment, as well as a 4K remake of the legendary Age of Empires II coming this November.

Many people remember this game as a part of their childhood, and many too remember Legos as a part of their childhood. These group of Lego master builders have decided to collaborate on a major project making various Age of Empires II buildings using Lego, to the point where you would have thought it came from a real expert Lego Architecture set.

Please click the photos for a larger image.

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