Kereta Hanyut Dalam Banjir di USJ

KUALA LUMPUR 15 Ogos – Hujan lebat selama lebih dua jam semasa orang ramai pulang dari tempat kerja petang ini menyebabkan beberapa kawasan di sekitar Lembah Klang dilanda banjir kilat.

Antara kawasan yang terjejas teruk adalah USJ 8 dan USJ 12 di Subang Jaya, Selangor yang mengakibatkan beberapa buah kenderaan dihanyutkan air manakala ratusan kenderaan terkandas dalam kesesakan.

Dalam video yang tular dalam laman sosial petang ini, beberapa buah kenderaan hanyut di depan IPD Subang Jaya ekoran kawasan berkenaan yang ditenggelami air sedalam hampir setengah meter.

Kawasan lain yang turut terjejas adalah Persiaran Kewajipan dari USJ menghala ke Puchong, sekitar pusat beli-belah IOI Mall, Da Men Mall menghala ke Subang dan Bandar Utama.

Kejadian turut mengakibatkan beberapa pokok tumbang selain kesesakan teruk dari kedua-dua arah. – UTUSAN ONLINE

Nora Anne Autopsy: No Sign Of Kidnapping, No Evidence Of Rape

Nora Anne Quoirin (Photo: Credit to The Star Online)

The Star Onlone – SEREMBAN: The authorities have ruled out foul play in the mysterious death of Nora Anne Quoirin, whose remains were found in a stream 10 days after she disappeared from a resort in Pantai Hills near here.

Medical experts who conducted a nine-hour autopsy on her remains ruled that her death was caused due to upper gastrointestinal bleeding, said state police chief Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop.

“They also found that she was not raped.

“There was nothing to show that she was abducted or subjected to any form of violence, ” he told reporters at the state police contingent here Thursday (Aug 15).

DCP Mohamad said the postmortem finding also ruled that Nora could have been dead between two and three days before she was found.

“There were no injuries to her body, except for a bruise to her leg.

“But this was not cause of her death, ” he said.

The four-member team led by Kuala Lumpur Hospital forensic pathologist Dr Siew Sheue Feng also included HTJ forensic pathologist Dr Hanif Mohammad and Dr Aidora Saedon from the Chemistry Department and Sufian Arshad Ahmad from the Forensic Department.

A search-and-rescue team found Nora Anne’s remains in a stream some 2.5km away from the The Dusun resort she was staying in with her family.

She had checked into the resort with her parents Sebastian Marie Philipe and Meabh Jaseprine Quoirin and siblings Innes Julia and Maurice Arthure on Aug 3.

However she was not found in the room she shared with her siblings the following morning.

A window in the room that could only be opened from the inside was open.

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