Johor (4): Photos Of High Tide vs Low Tide (Tanjung Piai)

Last week I visited Tanjung Piai again, but it was a very short trip that I did not have much chance to take pictures.

Anyway, during my second visit which was a couple of weeks ago, I managed to take wonderful photos of the place.

It was high tide when we reached the Tanjung Piai Resort, unlike my first visit when the tide was low that I could see the muddy ground below the piers.

So I took the chance to take pictures of the place to compare them with the pictures I took during my first trip and we can see big differences in the scenery as well as the weather.

During our first trip, it was quite hot and it wasn’t really windy until nighttime.

But during my second visit, it was very, very windy that some of the table clothes at the unoccupied tables at restaurant flew and they had to clip the table clothes to the tables.

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The Flags of the Districts of Johor

The state of Johor has ten districts which are Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, Kluang, Kota Tinggi, Kulai, Mersing, Muar, Pontian, Segamat and Tangkak.

And on March 3, 2015, all the ten districts were given their own district flags.

Six months later, the district of Kulaijaya and the district of Ledang were renamed as Kulai and Tangkak respectively by the Sultan of Johor, Ibrahim Ismail ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj.

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All of the district flags of Johor have similar characteristic, which are red, white and blue in colour and with crescents and stars.

There are five bend flags, Kluang, Kota Tinggi, including three per-bend flags which are Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru and Segamat; two orthogonal quartered flag, Kulai and Muar; two triangle flag, Tangkak, including one chevron flag which is Mersing; and one horizontal bicolour flag which is Pontian (charged with a white crescent and star).

The stars’ rotation angles are the same in all flags except for the per-bend divided ones, since the stars are aligned to the bend of the flag.

The designs of the flags symbolises the special characteristic of the districts, for instance in the case of Kota Tinggi’s flag, the colour white at the center field represents the Johor River where the old Sultanate of Johor was established on 1528.

In the case of the district of Mersing flag, the upper field of the flag symbolizes the South China Sea while in the district of Tangkak flag, the blue triangle represents the Mount Ledang which used to be the name of the district before August 2015.

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Johor (3): Muar

The Masjid Sultan Ismail, Muar seen from the Masjid Sultan Ibrahim in daylight.
The Masjid Sultan Ismail, Muar seen from the Masjid Sultan Ibrahim in daylight.

Among the districts in Johor, Muar is the district that I visited most frequently. 

The bandar Muar or Muar town which was given the title of Bandar Maharani (translated as the Town of Empress) by the Sultan Sir Abu Bakar of Johor in 1887, is the Bandar DiRaja Johor or the Royal Town of Johor.

Muar is known for many unique and delicious foods, among our favourites are the Mee Bandung Udang Galah, Satay Muar and the cucur udang.

There is a pair of beautiful sky-blue coloured twin mosques, that are facing each other on both sides of the Sungai Muar or Muar River.

The older mosque, the stunning Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim in Bandar Maharani was officially opened in 1930 while it’s twin, the Masjid Sultan Ismail in Tanjung Agas was opened in 2002.

Both mosques are identical in their designs; which is why they are known as the twin mosques of Muar.

At nighttime the view of Masjid Sultan Ismail seen from the river bank by the Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim is very beautiful, as the colourful lights from the Masjid Sultan Ismail igniting in the dark scenery.

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