Be United, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

24 02 2016

Cute little birds,
Flying all around,
Over yellow sunflowers,
Making chirping sounds.

Red, green or blue,
They all have fun,
Unlike humans,
They’re united as one.

Singing the sweetest songs,
Can be heard from afar,
Chirping all around,
No matter where they are.

All around the places,
They’ll fly together,
Nothing can stop them,
Not even the weather.




4 responses

20 03 2016
Muhamad Faris

Assalammualaikum my little intelligent bro..Saudara Ali, πŸ™‚ hye!,:) remember me? one of your clients at Kursus Pemantapan Daulatkan Islam Agama Negara, Kem Belatan, Besut Terengganu…remember? no? oraits, its ok.. πŸ™‚ I see…u have a talent in writing a poem, me to actually, hope we can share our knowledge each others…


30 03 2016

Dear Abang Muhamad Faris,
Wa’alaikumussalam. Thank you very much for writing. Yes, I remember Abang Muhamad Faris at the Kem Belatan in Besut – it is always nice to make new friends. Yes, I love writing poems and it will be really great if Abang Muhamad Faris can share some tips to help me write better poems πŸ™‚ Hope to hear from Abang Muhamad Faris soon.


25 02 2016

Nice words anaknda ‘Ali! Dari hati yang ikhlas. Alhamdulillah…

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25 02 2016

Dear Uncle Naser,
Thank you. We must be united and fight for our country, and protect our constitution. DIAN!


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