Bomb Threats Forced Two Air France Planes To Land

Two Air France flights, Flight AF055 from Washington Dulles and Flight AF065 from Los Angeles to Paris Charles de Gaulle had been diverted following security alert.

Flight AF055 from Washington Dulles with 262 passengers landed safely in Halifax while Flight AF065 from Los Angeles with 497 people on board, landed safely in Utah.

Sky News reported that the airline received anonymous threats for both flights after they took off.

Air France made a statement that, “As a precautionary measure and to conduct all necessary security checks, Air France, applying their safety regulations in force, decided to request the landings of both aircraft.”

Authorities are carrying out full inspections of the aircrafts, passengers and their luggage.

Veggies, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Tomatoes, cabbages,
And potatoes too,
Veggies for everyone,
Especially for you.

Onions and turnips,
Are all very healthy,
Eggplants and carrots,
Colourful and tasty.

Red, purple and orange,
Brown, white and green,
Don’t forget to wash them,
Make sure they’re clean.

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