Sim Flight KL – An Awesome Flight Experience

I was so happy to get the chance 'flying' an  Airbus A320.
I was so happy to get the chance ‘flying’ an Airbus A320.

Last Tuesday, I went to the SimFlight KL at the SkyPark Subang Terminal.

Over there, we can experience piloting an Airbus A320 in a fully equipped cockpit, as if we are really flying a real plane from one airport to another.

Before we started, a pilot instructor gave us a briefing about the controls and other important stuff on how to take off, flying and landing the plane.

I didn’t ended well though, for I can’t control my plane after I landed, which sent the plane off the runway.

But the pilot said that I did quite well because I did not crash the plane, as that was my first experience.

The best pilot among my siblings was my eldest sister, Kaman who landed smoothly on the runway although she took off on the grass because she can’t control her plane at that time.

So she was rewarded with an extra time and she was challenged to land on the Kai Tak Airport.

She nearly landed into the water but luckily she managed to stop the plane before it reached the end of the runway.

She did hit some buildings on the way to the airport, though.

It was fun and I guess the experience was worth the money my father paid for us to be there.

Colours Of The World, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Orange, cyan and blue,
Yellow, red and green,
The harmonious colourful world,
Lovely to be seen.

Beautiful shades,
Of each and every colours,
Splashes around the Earth,
Worth more than million dollars.

Earth, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

So, so green,
Home sweet home,
And it’s so clean.

So much things to see,
So much places to go,
On land and below the sea.

Gift of nature,
Lovely trees, beautiful flowers,
As well as wonderful creatures.

Friend, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Wherever you are,
Whatever you do,
Like a racer and his car,
Your friend and you.

A real friend,
Is one who shall come,
When you need a hand,
Anytime, anywhere.

Across the seas,
Over the land,
You’ll find peace,
When you have a friend.

Birds, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A baby blue bird,
Sleeping in its nest,
Both eyes closed,
Had a real good rest.

A big green bird,
Awake, and aware,
Looking for food,
As hungry as a bear.

A little red bird,
Having some fun,
With a tiny bouncy ball,
Right under the sun.

Attention! Beware Of Aunty Sham’s Bubur Lambuk Copycat

I had Aunty Sham’s tasty bubur lambuk again on Wednesday and was told that there are people selling bubur lambuk in Kampung Baru who claimed that they are selling Aunty Sham’s bubur lambuk.
So, be sure that you are buying the real ‘Bubur Lambuk Kak Sham’ for the best bubur lambuk in Kampung Baru.
Aunty Sham has only one stall which is located here.


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Ice Cold, Colourful Drinks at The Bazaar Ramadhan

One of the stalls that sells bright coloured cold drinks at the Bazzaar Ramadhan, on the right is the Blue Lemon.
One of the stalls that sells bright coloured cold drinks at the Bazzaar Ramadhan, on the right is the Blue Lemon.

These are some photos of the many types of drinks sold at the Bazaar Ramadhan near my house.

Most of them are in vibrant colours; I am sure that the sellers use lots and lots of colourings to make the drinks more appealing.

Even my eldest sister was and is still tempted to buy them all 🙂

We almost never buy those drinks before but that day my dad decided to surprise my big sister by buying her some of the bright coloured drinks.

So we bought four types of drinks, lemon, honey dew, sugar cane and dragon fruit juice that look much better than they taste.

The tastiest was the creepy looking Blue Lemon drink.

Despite it’s tastiness, it has too much blue colouring that made my mouth blue for a few days.

The honey dew drink was in bright green that it looked rather scary; and the worst part was that it did not even taste like honey dew.

My big sister turned the left over honey dew drink into ice lollies which she really enjoyed.

Tasty Kuihs At Bazaar Ramadhan

Mouth watering vadai(r) and two types of samosas(l).

Today I’m going to share some photos of tasty kuih that I saw at a Bazaar Ramadhan near my house.

There’s so much food everywhere and they all look so good.

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