NaPoWriMo Poem #22: A Cat And A Rat

A little brown cow,
Sitting with a cat,
Eating young grass,
Beside a grey rat.

The big cat looked,
At the tiny grey rat,
And the rat ran,
For it’s scared of the cat.

The cat chased the rat,
The rat went to hide,
Behind a door it sat,
As the cat ran inside.

The cat searched,
All over the store,
Oh, there’s squeaking sound,
From behind the door.

The cat searched,
Ah, there’s the rat!
It walked to the rat,
And gave it a pat.

And so it appears,
The cat is just a friend,
So together they lived,
In a land called Strand.

NaPoWriMo Poem #21: Our Beautiful World

Somewhere, over the hills,
There’s a huge grass land, 
Where it’s green and fertile,
A beautiful meadowland.

Up ahead in the distance,
If you could see, 
A place where flowers bloom,
Fruits ripping on the trees. 

This is our land,
Take good care of the Earth,
Don’t destroy our world,
It is not at all worth.

NaPoWriMo Poem #20: If You Fly Alone

If you fly alone,
With no wings of your friends,
Do not be afraid,
For I’ll be there.

Your foods are now bones,
And there’s no helping hands,
Don’t let your hopes fade,
Stay strong, don’t despair.


NaPoWriMo Poem #19: Warning! The Ants Are Coming!

The ants are coming!
To eat our foods,
They must be stopped,
From taking our goods.

The ants are coming!
It’s time to prepare,
Set the alarms ringing,
To warn the others!

The ants are coming!
There’s no time to waste,
Take out the cloves,
The ants must be chased.

NaPoWriMo Poem #18: Halo In The Sky

Halo, halo,
In the sky,
Around the sun,
As I said goodbye.

As I go,
Out of my house,
I see the halo,
Up in the sky.

Red, blue,
And even green,
The beauty of nature,
That can be seen.


Fire Rainbow?


On my way to the surau to perform my Asar prayer, my father saw something that probably is a fire rainbow.

There were clouds around the sun and behind the clouds, there were colourful lights like layers of thick rainbows.

A fire rainbow is ’caused by ice crystals in the thin, distant clouds being at just the correct angle to refract the sunlight into the colors of the prism’.




NaPoWriMo Poem #17: A Sad Old Computer

A little computer,
Sat in a shop,
Sold by a man,
Named Mr. Hop.

Many people,
Visited the shop,
But nobody,
Buys the laptop.

After five long years,
And six months gone by,
Mr. Hop wants to throw it,
Since nobody wants to buy.

The laptop is sad,
And so it cries,
A little boy hears it,
And he decides to buy.

And so the laptop,
Is very, very happy,
And was given a name,
The Old Mr. Lappy.


NaPoWriMo Poem #16: “Teen”

Sixteen, sixteen,
Sixteen days through,
Sixteen poems,
And more to be brewed.

Fourteen, fourteen,
Fourteen more days,
Fourteen more poems,
It’s like walking through a maze.

Fifteen, fifteen,
Two thousand fifteen,
I’m not yet fifteen,
I’m not even a teen!

NaPoWriMo Poem #15: A Dialogue Poem

Today’s I’m trying to write a dialogue poem, which I’ve never try before:

I hope it rains,
Here everyday,
It’s just too hot,
Right here today.

Why do you want,
The sun to be gone?
Can’t wait for the sun,
To come at dawn.

But he heat,
Is just to hot,
I cannot stand,
I’m not a pot.

I love the warmness,
It’s hugging me,
It makes me feel,
Happy and free.

How could this heat,
Hug you at all,
It’s much too hot,
For me to crawl.

But a man’s meat,
Is another’s poison,
So I like the heat,
When you like it frozen.

NaPoWriMo Poem #14: A Poem?

I need to write a poem,
For all of my readers,
But what should I write?
Maybe about my sneakers?

I really have no idea,
Even what to rhyme with blue,
I want to ask for help,
But I don’t know who.

What should I write about?
I just have no idea,
Should I write about my shoe?
That I bought in Korea?

Poem need a tempo,
The words have to rhyme,
But both are hard,
And talking is wasting my time.

All I need is an idea,
Maybe about a golemn?
But hold on a second,
I just wrote a poem!