Fire Rainbow?


On my way to the surau to perform my Asar prayer, my father saw something that probably is a fire rainbow.

There were clouds around the sun and behind the clouds, there were colourful lights like layers of thick rainbows.

A fire rainbow is ’caused by ice crystals in the thin, distant clouds being at just the correct angle to refract the sunlight into the colors of the prism’.




NaPoWriMo Poem #17: A Sad Old Computer

A little computer,
Sat in a shop,
Sold by a man,
Named Mr. Hop.

Many people,
Visited the shop,
But nobody,
Buys the laptop.

After five long years,
And six months gone by,
Mr. Hop wants to throw it,
Since nobody wants to buy.

The laptop is sad,
And so it cries,
A little boy hears it,
And he decides to buy.

And so the laptop,
Is very, very happy,
And was given a name,
The Old Mr. Lappy.


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