NaPoWriMo Poem #11: New Bakery In Town

A bakery is just opened,
By a river, in downtown,
Croissant and also stollen,
Delicious breads, best in town.

Each bread cost a dollar,
For others, they cost more,
Great prices for everyone,
Hungry children ask for more.

Inside, there’s rows of bread,
Jovial place for you and me,
Kids love to go there too,
Licking fingers in smiles of glee.

Many people love the breads,
Nani, Daisy, and Johnny too,
Oven fresh, bread and cakes,
Warm soft buns to deep in stew.

Quality is their recipe,
Rest assured they serve the best,
Satisfaction is guaranteed,
Take a bite, you’ll be impressed.

Unicorn cakes of all colours,
Violet, blue, red and green,
Warm puffs, cookies and others,
X Bakery, is the place.

Yes, come along to X Bakery,
Zigzag cakes… oh, so tasty!

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