Tian Chua Menipu Lagi?

On March 9, a Free Anwar petition entitled, “Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for US policy toward Malaysia” was removed from the White House portal.

In response to the matter, PKR Vice President, Tian Chua tweeted as below, blaming the Malaysian government for the removal of the petition.

Tian Chua

On March 10, the petition was restored, and Astro Awani published an official statement from the U.S. Embassy statement saying:

“On March 9, White House standard fraud checks indicated a high number of anomalous signatures on a petition related to the imprisonment of de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

There were multiple petitions related to this issue, and after follow-up assessment, the White House determined that the petition it removed was not the one that contained fraudulent signatures.

To account for the error, the White House has since re-enabled the petition titled “Make the Release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from Prison a Top Priority for U.S. Policy toward Malaysia,” and is extending the deadline to account for the time lost while the petition was disabled.

No signatures were removed.”

Has Tian Chua admitted that he was wrong and apologises to the Malaysian government for wrongly blaming the government?

No, as always, he did not; in fact, this is not the first time he made such wild accusation towards the government of Malaysia.

This is another defamatory attempt to disrepute the government of Malaysia by Tian Chua.

Karpal Singh once said that, “Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat”; so Tian Chua must repent and stop sending spiteful tweets or making malicious allegations towards the government.

NaPoWriMo, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

NaPoWriMo, NaPoWriMo,
You are just so near,
With new challenges,
For the new year.

 We need to write,
A poem a day,
Ah, a good practice,
That, I must say.

Dear fellow readers,
NaPoWriMo is near,
Start writing poems,
There’s nothing to fear.

In Photos: 2015 Geneva International Motor Show

This high-end version of the Model S is no less than the world's highest-performance electric car, as its combined output of 700hp takes it to a top speed of 250km/h and from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds.
This high-end version of the Model S is no less than the world’s highest-performance electric car, as its combined output of 700hp takes it to a top speed of 250km/h and from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds.

The 2015 Geneva International Motor Show is open from March 5, 2015 to March 15, 2015.

This great motor show is held at the Palexpo Arena in Geneva, Switzerland.

Below are some of the stunning cars at the motor show.

Please click the photos for larger images:

Panggilan Terakhir Untuk Menandatangani Petisyen ‘Respecting The Sovereign Nation of Malaysia’

Click here to go to the petition
Click here to go to the petition. (Screenshot taken at 9:58 A.M on the March 6, 2015)

Saya  berharap bahawa kerajaan Amerika Syarikat memahami bahawa rakyat Malaysia mampu mentadbir negara kami sendiri dan juga menghormati kedaulatan Malaysia yang merupakan sebuah negara yang berdaulat.

Petition ini adalah untuk menyatakan bahawa anda menghormati kedaulatan sesebuah negara serta menolak campurtangan asing ke atas urusan dalaman sesebuah negara yang berdaulat.

Cuma tinggal 7 hari lagi sebelum petition ini ditutup dan pada ketika ini (12:37 P.M. March 6, 2015), 45,979 tandatangan diperlukan untuk mencapai matlamat 100,000 tandatangan.

Sila baca tulisan saya tentang petition ini si sini tentang pentingnya kita menandatangani petition ini.

Malaysia adalah negara yang aman dan damai dan kita menghormati undang-undang dan sistem perundangan negara kita.

Oleh itu, nyatakan bahawa anda mempertahankan kedaulatan Malaysia dengan menandatangani petition ini.

Jika anda perlukan informasi lanjut tentang bagaimana caranya untuk menandatangani petition ini, tekan di sini.

Final Call To Sign ‘Respecting The Sovereign Nation of Malaysia’

Click here to go to the petition
Click here to go to the petition. (Screenshot taken at 9:58 A.M on the March 6, 2015)

I do hope that the government of the United States understands that Malaysians are capable enough to run our own country and will respect our rights to protect the sovereignty of our own country.

Please, if you care for the rights of sovereign nations and do not support foreign interference in their internal affairs, please sign this petition.

We only have 7 more days to get the 45,979 votes (at 12:37 P.M. March 6, 2015) needed in order to reach the goal of the petition.

I’ve written about this petition here; and now that since we are about to reach the date line, I want to highlight to those who has not heard about it about the importance of the message behind signing this petition.

It is wrong for Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters to lobby foreign powers to force the government to free him from jail.

Anwar is not a political prisoner, he had dragged his court case for 7 years and he was represented by a huge numbers of prominent lawyers.

Malaysia is a fair and peaceful country; and we respect our rules of law and our court of law.

So, say that you respect the sovereignty of Malaysia by signing the petition and please share it with your friends.

If you need more information on how to sign this petition, please click here.

The Sounds, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

The sound of the city,
With the cars honking,
Rock music blaring,
But no monkeys screeching.

The sound of a village,
With the birds chirping,
The humans talking,
But no rock music blaring.

The sound of the forest,
With the birds chirping,
The monkeys screeching,
But no cars honking.


Umno Dan PAS Bersatu?

The Malays are the main race in Malaysia but they are becoming weaker and weaker because they are so divided by their political stance that some fail to see each other as brothers and sisters.

We must unite; we cannot go on fighting against each other and end up become enemies of our own people.

The most important step to unite the Malays is to start the alliance between UMNO and PAS, which are the main political parties of the Malays.

If PAS continues its alliance with PKR and DAP, then they are actually going against the principals of their own party; hence it will be a joke for them to claim that they are fighting for Islam because it is DAP that is controlling PAS.

Infact, lots of pro-DAP PAS leaders follow DAP’s words instead of PAS’s Majlis Syura and the party president’s decisions.

Fortunately, there are leaders from UMNO and PAS who understand the importance of the unity among the Malays are working towards it.

Both parties’ leaders must find the ways to work together and to be united for the sake of of their people.

I hope that the Malays will be united and can work together to strengthen the ummah. 

“Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh.”