A Little Brown Fox – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little brown fox,
Sits by the door,
Someone goes out,
It falls on the floor,

The little brown fox,
Sits on the roof,
The roof caves in,
It falls in a poof.

The little brown fox,
Sits on the wall,
Hit by a big blue bird,
And both of them fall!

Air Canada Flight AC624 ‘Exits’ Runway

Air Canada A320 Airbus, flight AC624, ‘exited’ runway while landing at the Halifax airport.

22 people on board were injured.

The plane which flew in from Toronto hit a power pylon after exiting the runway due to heavy snow which caused the visibility to be poor.

The incident knocked down the power at the airport and multiple flights to Halifax were cancelled.

No death tolls were reported yet.

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