TransAsia Airways Flight GE 235 Crashed In Keelung River

Rescuers work to find survivors from the downed plane.
Rescuers work to find survivors from the downed plane.

A TransAsia Airways flight GE 235 that took off at 10:53am (Taiwan time), crashed in a Keelung River in Taipei a few minutes later, killing at least 15 people on board.

According to the Taiwanese authorities, there were 53 passengers and five crews on board the plane.

About 30 people are still missing.

The plane’s wing hit a taxi cab before it crashes, slightly injuring the driver and the passenger of the taxi.

Here are some photos of the crash:

Mesej Bulan Mengelilingi Kaabah – Usah Percaya

Karim's Blog

fenomena bulan kaabahMengapa ramai dari kalangan kita terlalu mudah untuk percaya dan hantar mesej-mesej yang karut lagi tidak benar?

Beberapa hari ini tersebar sekali lagi mesej sama yang pernah tersebar lama dahulu hinggakan statistik di blog saya tiba-tiba naik untuk sebuah kiriman yang telah saya tulis pada tahun 2011. Fenomena Kedudukan Bulan Di Atas Kaabah.

Dulu mesej yang tersebar itu menggunakan nama Dato Mazlan Astrologi (?), tetapi kini mereka kaitkan pula dengan nama Mufti Ismail Menk. Mesejnya di bawah ini:

Malam ini jam 3.25am waktu Mecca, bulan akan mengelilingi (Tawaaf) Kaaba, ini terjadi dalam 100,000 tahun sekali. Sky will be light blue, this ia a moment of acceptance and this moment comes after every 100 thousand years, you can ask Allah what ever you want to ask. Pls send this message to your love and friend. Rebut peluang yg datang sekali dlm 100,000 tahun,  mmg kita umat terpilih untuk berdoa pd waktu yg…

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Smile – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little grey cat,
Sat in the meadow,
Jumped in fright,
Of a blue bird’s shadow.

It surprised the bird,
To see the cat jump,
The bird flew away,
But it hit a stump.

The poor bird fell,
Down to the ground,
But it just smiled,
And did not even frown.

A big brown bear,
Harvested some honey,
He wanted to eat it,
After meeting his mummy.

When it returned,
The sweet honey’s gone,
But it just smiled,
It didn’t even frown

We must always smile,
And don’t ever frown,
It’ll make the world happy,
Better than a clown.

MH370: We Have Notified NOKs Prior To The DCA Announcement – MAS

(NST) KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) had contacted all next-of-kin in Malaysia and around the world to notify them on the impending announcement of the Declaration of Accident for flight MH730 on Jan 29.

In a statement, MAS said that prior to the scheduled announcement by the Department of Civil Aviation, all next-of-kin were notified via telephone calls and in certain instances by text messages, when the calls were unanswered.

This comes after reports on the manner of communication for the MH370 accident declaration, which is believed to have caused discontentment among family members of the passengers and crew onboard.

“These calls were done personally by its Family Support Centre, caregivers or representatives from the airline’s regional offices.

“The next-of-kin in China were notified via text messages by MAS Family Communications and Support Centre in Beijing,” the statement said.

MAS said they are working with the government and related agencies to organise engagement sessions with family members to discuss various matters related to the declaration.

The statement added that the airline remains committed to provide for the well-being of family members of those onboard MH370.

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