A Little Green Apple – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

A little green apple,
Fell down from a tree,
It landed in a bush,
Wondered how to be free.

The apple was stuck,
It wanted to get out,
It thought for a moment,
And decided to shout!

“Help! Help!”
The hopeless fruit said,
Then it heard footsteps,
Which came from a spade.

“Here, let me help you”,
Said the blue spade,
“Thank you, Mr. Spade”,
The happy apple said.

They became friends,
That helped each other,
And happily they lived,
In the garden together.

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

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